UFO Sightings by Country 2023

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There are several famous UFO sightings in Australia, but two of the most famous occurred in 1966. A remote farmer in Queensland reported a saucer-shaped object near a swamp in one sighting. About six months later, some students in Victoria reported a UFO sighting over their school. Although as a country Australia has minimal interest in spotting UFO sightings, the country still has 44% of the population believing in alien civilizations.


Every year there are several UFO sightings in France, and in general, the population has a vested interest in spotting UFOs. One of the most famous UFO sightings occurred on October 21, 1982, in Nancy, France. Shortly after midnight, an object dropped into a garden before hovering over the ground. The object stayed suspended in the air for about 20 minutes before the object flew off. The witness was a scientist who observed the grass standing straight up when the UFO hovered and eventually flew away. In the afternoon, the areas under the UFO appeared withered. Scientific analysis of the plants discovered they were dehydrated, but there was no radiation detected.


Although there have been several UFO sightings in Argentina, much of the validity and interest in UFOs and alien life is hard to judge. Some suspect that the interest is simply because Argentinians see other major countries worldwide with UFOs and merely want to be a part of the recent trend. Still, to celebrate possible extraterrestrial life, Argentina even hosts a UFO festival to honor the most famous UFO sighting from 1986, which took place in Capilla del Monte.


Although most people might think the United States sees the bulk of UFO activity, Canada has been known for some pretty remarkable UFO sightings. One of the most famous sightings occurred in Manitoba on May 19. 1967. Two UFOs were reported near Falcon Lake, where witness Stefan Michalak reported sustained burn injuries from close contact. The UFO sighting went on to spur two different books detailing the encounter. Although there have been vocal skeptics about the encounter, in April 2018, Canada released a $20 coin commemorating the strange events.

The United States

Between 1947 and 1969, the United States reported more than 12,000 different UFO sightings around the country. There are several eyewitness accounts, but many of the sightings seem to be centered around the activity of Roswell, New Mexico. The town itself has transformed into a UFO and extraterrestrial Mecca, bringing people from around the world to catch a glimpse of the unusual activity, hopefully. The increased UFO sightings in the United States even prompted the formation of a top-secret Air Force team called Project Blue Book that was tasked with investigating the strange accounts.


There are several UFO sightings in Russia and a list of famous encounters. One of the most famous events was the Tunguska event in 1908, although this UFO sighting has since been classified as a meteor explosion. Other notable events include the Petrozavodsk phenomenon, The Voronezh UFO incident, and a fairly recent UFO crash in 2012 which resulted in a retrieved titanium object from the forest around Novosibirsk Oblast.

UFO Sightings by Country 2023


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UFO Sightings by Country 2023