Most Billionaires by State 2022

If you’re in the US, chances are a billionaire is living among you! There are about 724 billionaires living across 42 of 50 states. They made their wealth in everything -- from video games to agriculture. But, eight states have no billionaire residents at all:





-New Mexico

-West Virginia

-North Dakota

-New Hampshire

Another eight host just one billionaire. They include:






-Rhode Island

-South Dakota

-South Carolina

Let’s now dive into the most billionaires by state list:

1. California

Billionaires: 186

Richest Person: Larry Page

It should come as no surprise that California has the most billionaires. Some of the most prominent include:

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg ($61.4 billion)

Google co-creators: Sergey Brin (97.7B)

Lauren Powell Jobs ($16.6B) inherited her late husband Steve Jobs’s Disney and Apple shares upon his death.

There are also many lesser-known billionaires like GIS Jack Dangermond ($6.3B) and Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong ($6.8B), who invented Abraxane, a drug used to treat cancerous diseases.

2. New York

Billionaires: 107

Richest Person: Michael Bloomeberg

More than half of New York’s billionaires come from the investment sector. Other billionaires include Winklevoss twins Tyler and Cameron, whose early bet on bitcoin paid off as the value of digital currencies surged.

3. Florida

Billionaires: 74

Richest person: Thomas Peterffy

Donald Trump is Florida’s most notable resident. One of his Palm Beach Neighbors is Thomas Peterfy ($20B), the state’s richest person and the founder of the trading platform Interactive Brokers.

4. Texas

Billionaires: 64

Richest person: Elon Musk

Elon Musk ($279.3B), the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, is the most recognizable billionaire in Texas, and is also the richest person in the world. Texas is also home to Walmart heirs Ann Walton Kroenke ($9.3B) and Alice Walton ($67.9B) and, unsurprisingly, to many who have made their fortunes in pipelines, gas, or oil. For example, Richard Kinder ($7.1B) of Kinder Morgan runs about 84,000 miles of pipeline.

5. Massachusetts

Billionaires: 27

Richest person: Abigail Johnson

Abigail Johnson ($20.4B) is the wealthiest person in Massachusetts and the fourth richest woman in the USA. She is the current CEO of mutual fund group Fidelity Investments. Her siblings and co-heirs to the family fortune, Edward Johnson IV and Elizabeth Johnson are also billionaires.

6. Illinois

Billionaires: 24

Richest person: Ken Griffin

Ken Griffin ($26.5B), the founder of Citadel's large hedge fund, is the wealthiest person in Illinois. Most billionaires in the state have a fortune in the finance and investment sectors. The rest of the billionaires own their fortunes collectively with family members.

7. Washington

Billionaires: 21

Richest person: Jeff Bezos

Most of the billionaires in Washington have made their fortunes from the technology industry. It’s the only state that hosts two $100-billion plus billionaires: Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. Other billionaires include Mackenzie Scott and Steve Ballmer’s $50 billion net worth.

8. Georgia

Billionaires: 18

Richest person: Jim Kennedy

The industries with the most billionaires include food and beverages, media and entertainment, service, fashion, and retail. All except one billionaire in Georgia live in Atlanta. Georgia is the new home to billionaire Tyler Perry ($1B), the maverick mogul owning about a 330-acre studio lot in Atlanta.

9. Pennsylvania

Billionaires: 17

Richest: Jeff Yass

Pennsylvania’s three most notable billionaires range from sports club owners (Jeffrey Lurie), retail billionaires (Edward Stack CEO of Dick’s Sporting Good; Richard Hayne, CEO of Urban Outfitters) to food giant heirs (Mary Alice Malone CEO of Campbell Soup; Victoria Mars, CEO of Mars). Jeff Yass ($12B), is the richest of all, co-founder and CEO of Susquehanna International Group, a quantitative trading and investment company based in Bala Cynwyd.

10. Nevada

Billionaires: 15

Richest person: Miriam Adelson

Most of the billionaires in Nevada have made their fortune from casinos and gambling. The state’s wealthiest person Miriam Adelson inherited her fortune from Las Vegas casino mogul Shelton Adelson, who died in January 2021. Other notable billionaires in Nevada include Vlad Vendrow, co-founder and CTO of cloud-based communications company RingCentral and Bill Foley, founder of the Las Vegas-based NHL team Golden Knights.

11. Connecticut

Billionaires: 13

Richest person: Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio ($22B), the founder, and CEO of the world’s biggest hedge fund, Bridge Associates, is the wealthiest person. He is followed by Steven Cohen ($17.4B), the overseer of Point72 Asset Management.

Most Billionaires by State 2022