Almond Production by Country 2022

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You know you have arrived if you are a nut and have a candy bar (Almond Joy) bearing your namesake. In the human world that is probably akin to having a statue erected in your honor or having a college hall named after you. There are also many reasons why almonds get such attention and high praise, and why at least some almond production by country can be found around the world.

Almonds, which are technically related to peaches, are one of the most useful nuts on the planet, if not the most useful. Want milk? Yes, you can use almonds to make milk. Need a good protein source? Did you know almonds offer the highest amount of protein among all nuts. Wait, there's more.

Almonds are also more than a healthy and versatile food. Today almonds have become a booming industry, as the almond production by country data reveals. While places like Morocco and Spain historically produce more than 100 tons of almonds a year, the world leader in almond production, the US, produces as much as 2 million tons of almonds each year.

Below is a list of almond production by country, and evidence of just how popular almonds are today. So if you are looking for a healty snack, or maybe a smooth drink, almonds could be just what you are looking for, yes - almonds. The fact that almonds will keep for a very long time also doesn't hurt the popularity of this widely used nut.

Here is the list of almond production by country, along with the pounds of almonds produced (in tons). From Jordan to Algeria, to the worlds leader in almond production, the US, everybody loves a good nut, and almonds are at the top of the list.

Country Almond Production (tons)

United States of America 2,002,742

Spain 202,339

Iran 147,863

Morocco 112,681

Syria 88,841

Turkey 85,000

Italy 74,584

Australia 72,902

Algeria 66,095

Tunisia 61,000

China 47,875

Libya 33,838

Afghanistan 32,843

Lebanon 32,115

Chile 31,938

Greece 29,450

Uzbekistan 27,321

Pakistan 21,520

Portugal 8,713

Israel 8,500

Palestinian Territories 4,136

Jordan 3,498

Tajikistan 3,255

Kyrgyzstan 1,874

Côte d'Ivoire 1,781

Burkina Faso 1,514

Turkmenistan 1,065

Azerbaijan 1,059

Swaziland 1,046

Georgia 961

United Arab Emirates 873

Bulgaria 841

Argentina 697

Macedonia 672

France 667

Moldova 616

Iraq 472

Cyprus 316

Croatia 233

Gambia 196

Yemen 164

Kazakhstan 149

Hungary 144

Bosnia and Herzegovina 59

Mexico 44

Ukraine 20

Nepal 9

Slovenia 1

Almond Production by Country 2022

Almond Production by Country 2022