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Average Bedtime by Country 2024


Slovakia has some of the highest quality sleep compared to other countries, and much of that can be attributed to the average bedtime. In Slovakia, the average bedtime is at 1:03 am, with the average wake-up time at 7:18 am. Although the bedtime is late, this accounts for almost a solid six hours of sleep.


Although the bedtime is slightly earlier, most people in China get a great sleep every night. In China, the average bedtime is 12:32 am. Most people in China average about 6:43 hours in bed every night.


With one of the earlier bedtimes, people in Hungary go to bed at 11:59 pm. This early bedtime contributes to a high quality of sleep. In a recent study, scientists determined that people who went to bed earlier usually got better sleep, regardless of how long they slept. When people go to bed later, they usually have a low-quality sleep.

The Czech Republic

Many countries with high-quality sleep and decently early bedtimes are in Europe. The Czech Republic is no different, with the average bedtime around 11:58 pm. Scientists also determined that countries with a later sunset coincide with longer sleep patterns.


Another European Country that has made our list with the best quality sleep is Poland. On average, people in Poland go to bed around 12:55 am, making it one of the later bedtimes. On average, people in Poland wake up around 7:25 am, still giving people a restful night’s sleep.


With an average bedtime of 12:37 am, Taiwan lands itself firmly in the average bedtime range for most people. People in Taiwan also get up pretty late compared to other countries, waking at 7:56 am in the morning.


One of the latest average bedtimes is in Russia. Most people go to bed at 1:05 am. It follows then in order to get a good night’s rest, most people wake up after 8:00 am, so they have enough energy to start the new day.


Compared to Russia, Romania has some of the earliest bedtimes. On average, people in Romania go to bed at 11:09 pm. This time is early and also pairs with a relatively late time to get up in the morning. On average, Romanians get up after 8:00 am, giving them some of the longest time in bed compared to other countries.


In Italy, the average bedtime is 12:35 am. People in Italy also tend to get up relatively early, waking up before 8:00 am. The average time people in Italy wake up is 7:52 am.

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Overall Sleep Quality Rating
Average Bedtime
Wakeup Time
Average Time in Bed (minutes)
Turkey2812:59 AM8:02 AM395
Poland512:55 AM7:25 AM410
Hong Kong1712:55 AM7:57 AM399
Japan3512:49 AM7:09 AM352
Chile3112:47 AM7:40 AM399
Israel2712:44 AM7:54 AM396
Portugal1212:41 AM8:22 AM419
Philippines4212:39 AM7:28 AM368
Saudi Arabia4512:39 AM8:27 AM362
Taiwan712:37 AM7:56 AM381
Italy1312:35 AM7:52 AM414
Malaysia5012:35 AM7:41 AM387
China212:32 AM7:42 AM403
Brazil2912:32 AM7:31 AM400
Spain2412:32 AM8:05 AM416
United Kingdom4412:28 AM7:33 AM442
India2512:26 AM7:36 AM395
Thailand1912:22 AM7:24 AM402
Mexico3212:20 AM7:09 AM397
South Africa3812:20 AM6:24 AM424
France1612:19 AM7:51 AM434
Switzerland612:19 AM7:13 AM428
South Korea2112:16 AM7:38 AM362
Norway4012:16 AM7:43 AM429
Ireland4912:16 AM7:50 AM437
Kuwait4312:14 AM8:01 AM375
Indonesia3712:10 AM6:55 AM385
Netherlands1812:07 AM7:47 AM444
Belgium2012:06 AM7:40 AM438
Qatar3912:06 AM7:32 AM386
Ukraine912:03 AM7:51 AM412
Finland2612:03 AM7:44 AM443
Germany1011:59 PM7:25 AM427
Hungary311:59 PM7:22 AM422
Czech Republic411:58 PM7:15 AM420
Canada4111:57 PM7:33 AM431
Austria811:55 PM7:20 AM427
United States4811:54 PM7:20 AM426
Singapore3011:52 PM7:38 AM394
Sweden3311:50 PM7:21 AM435
Denmark2211:47 PM7:19 AM434
Costa Rica3411:43 PM6:38 AM399
Colombia1511:41 PM6:31 AM397
Australia4611:33 PM7:13 AM440
New Zealand4711:29 PM7:11 AM447
Romania1411:09 PM8:01 AM418
Russia111:05 AM8:06 AM405
Greece231:05 AM8:25 AM414
United Arab Emirates361:05 AM7:43 AM405
Slovakia11:03 AM7:18 AM417
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What country goes to sleep the earliest?

People in Columbia have the earliest bedtime. On average, they go to bed at 11:41 PM and get just over six and a half hours of sleep.

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