Average Wake-Up Time by Country 2023

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We know what time we wake up in our own country, but what is the average wake up time by country? While early risers like Costa Rica and Colombia typically wake up before 7 AM, other average wake up time by country data reveals that some countries sleep in, including Greece and Saudi Arabia, which don't normally wake until nearly 8:30 AM.

According to data, most of us, however, have a tendency to wake sometime during the 7 o'clock hour. That includes the US which sits right in the middle of the pack with an average wake-up time of 7:20 AM. Here is a look at the average wake up times of countries around the .globe.

Country Average Wake Up Time

Slovakia 7:18 AM

China 7:42 AM

Hungary 7:22 AM

Czech Republic 7:15 AM

Poland 7:25 AM

Switzerland 7:13 AM

Taiwan 7:56 AM

Austria 7:20 AM

Ukraine 7:51 AM

Germany 7:25 AM

Russia 8:06 AM

Portugal 8:22 AM

Italy 7:52 AM

Romania 8:01 AM

Colombia 6:31 AM

France 7:51 AM

Hong Kong 7:57 AM

Netherlands 7:47 AM

Thailand 7:24 AM

Belgium 7:40 AM

South Korea 7:38 AM

Denmark 7:19 AM

Greece 8:25 AM

Spain 8:05 AM

India 7:36 AM

Finland 7:44 AM

Israel 7:54 AM

Turkey 8:02 AM

Brazil 7:31 AM

Singapore 7:38 AM

Chile 7:40 AM

Mexico 7:09 AM

Sweden 7:21 AM

Costa Rica 6:38 AM

Japan 7:09 AM

United Arab Emirates 7:43 AM

Indonesia 6:55 AM

South Africa 6:24 AM

Qatar 7:32 AM

Norway 7:43 AM

Canada 7:33 AM

Philippines 7:28 AM

Kuwait 8:01 AM

United Kingdom 7:33 AM

Saudi Arabia 8:27 AM

Australia 7:13 AM

New Zealand 7:11 AM

United States 7:20 AM

Ireland 7:50 AM

Malaysia 7:41 AM

As the average wake up time by country list reflects, countries wake up at various times throughout the morning, with even the later risers like Kuwait and Spain all waking within the 8 o'clock hour. There also appears to be no real rhyme or reason as to why some countries wake before 7 AM and others sleep in until after 8 AM.

What is certain, according to this wake up data, is that the entire world is up and moving by 9 AM. What time your country gets up may not align with your personal schedule, but that also applies to anyone with a second, third, or swing-shift schedule. That's okay, it is still interesting information to know.

Average Wake-Up Time by Country 2023

Average Wake-Up Time by Country 2023