Best Countries to Visit in February 2023

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Iceland is home to many of the world's natural wonders and is the home of many myths deriving from ancient Norse and Viking culture. It is said that Greenland and Iceland were mistakenly named one another, as Iceland has more natural beauty and greenery during many of its seasons, and Greenland is full of ice. February is one of the best times to travel to Iceland, as it is a huge tourist attraction during its colder months. The natural beauty and the accessibility of the hot springs, make it a wonderful tundra destination. Travelers are also able to witness the Northern Lights.

Contrary to popular belief, Iceland is only around 2 degrees centigrade warm at this time, rather than freezing temperatures.


"The land down under" as it is commonly called, Australia is usually a wonderful destination for those who are comfortable with western standards. Australia is one of the top 10 economies in the world and is extremely well-developed. Although it has accommodations throughout the year, Australia is best visited during the winter months in North America and Europe. Australia is situated in the southern hemisphere, meaning that during the Northern hemisphere winter months, they are experiencing summer. This is the ultimate "snowbird" destination, meaning you are able to experience summer every month of the year during your travels.


Lush jungles, brave history, and great location - Vietnam remains warm throughout the entirety of the year. It connects itself to many other countries by the South China sea and has many cultural influences from the Asian continent. Vietnam is a rare jewel and is considered the coffee capital of the world. Vietnam has the most diverse recipes for coffee, and also has one of the lowest costs of living for foreigners. It is not uncommon to feed an entire party of travelers a 3-course meal for as little as $ 20 USD.

Vietnam combines years of Buddhist traditions with its communist past and its French colonization. This has created an extremely unique infrastructure throughout the country, evidenced by its many monasteries, state buildings, and its adage to the French customs. Vietnam does not receive much rain throughout the year, and the condensation is mostly trapped within its jungle-like terrain, meaning the temperature is always a warm 20 degrees centigrade.


Dubai is as close to the future as it gets. Known for the Bhurj Khalifa, Dubai is the Centre of innovation and attraction for people everywhere. Artificial islands, tall buildings, and a unique 7-star hotel are just some of the appeals to tourists and locals alike. Due to its geographical location, Dubai is always a warm place. This means that visiting during February will keep the temperature in a nice lukewarm environment.

Visit its fountains, car shows, and shopping centers for some of the biggest and most luxurious brands on the planet. The great Dubai Mall has everything you could need for glamorous souvenirs to take back with you.

Best Countries to Visit in February 2023

Best Countries to Visit in February 2023