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Fast Food Consumption by Country 2024

Global Fast Food Consumption Trends

  1. Overview:

    • Global Sales: $731.65 billion in 2022.
    • Growth Projection: Expected to increase into 2031.
  2. Top Fast Food Consuming Countries:

    • United States:
      • Consumption Pattern: 1-3 times a week per person.
      • Annual Expenditure: $160 billion.
      • Consumer Statistics: 37% of adults eat fast food daily; 83% of households weekly.
    • United Kingdom:
      • Position: Second in consumption.
      • Fast Food Chains: 46,200, with Wimpy Bar being the first in 1954.
    • France:
      • Consumer Habit: Over half of the households eat fast food regularly.
      • Paris: 336 fast-food restaurants.
    • Sweden:
      • Popular Chains: McDonald's, Max, Sibylla.
    • Austria:
      • Preferred Chains: McDonald's, Burger King, local favorites like Beaver Brewing Company, Die Burgermacher.
    • Mexico:
      • Industry Worth: $9.5 billion.
      • Fast Food Outlets: 68,000.
    • South Korea:
      • Growth: Rapidly expanding industry.
      • Popular Choices: McDonald's, Starbucks, Yum!, local dishes like spicy rice cakes, chicken cups, fish cakes.
    • Greece:
      • Favorite Chain: Goody's.
      • McDonald's Entry: First opened in 1991.
    • China:
      • Consumer Statistics: 97% consume fast food; 41% at least once a week.
      • Reason for Rise: Time constraints and busy lifestyles.
    • Norway:
      • Government Measures: Taxes on sugary drinks and fast food; restricted access to children.
      • Consumption Ranking: Tenth globally.
- Data year 2022. Countries are ranked according to the number of times per month an average citizen eats fast food, with #1 being the most often.

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Which country eats most fast food?

The United States of America consumes the most fast food each year. The average American individually spends an estimated $1,200 annually - approximately $110 billion. McDonald's is the most popular fast-food restaurant.

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