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Fast Food Consumption by Country 2024

In 2022, the global fast food market reached a milestone with sales amounting to $731.65 billion, signaling a robust growth trajectory expected to continue through 2031. The United States leads in consumption, with individuals indulging 1-3 times per week, contributing to an annual expenditure of $160 billion. This significant intake is reflected in the habits of 37% of American adults who consume fast food daily and 83% of households that do so weekly. Other notable consumers include the United Kingdom, holding the second spot with 46,200 fast food chains, and France, where more than half of the households regularly enjoy fast food.

Internationally, preferences vary with countries like Sweden and Austria enjoying a mix of global brands and local favorites, while Mexico's fast food sector is valued at $9.5 billion. In Asia, South Korea's industry sees rapid growth with a preference for both international and local flavors. China's fast food consumption is remarkably high, with 97% of the population partaking and 41% eating fast food at least once a week, driven by busy lifestyles. This global snapshot highlights the diverse cultural and economic impacts of the fast food industry, underscoring its significant role in modern dietary habits worldwide.

  • Data year 2022. Countries are ranked according to the number of times per month an average citizen eats fast food, with #1 being the most often.

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Which country eats most fast food?

The United States of America consumes the most fast food each year. The average American individually spends an estimated $1,200 annually - approximately $110 billion. McDonald's is the most popular fast-food restaurant.

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