Golden Visa Countries 2023

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It only costs a mere $150,000 investment (in a government-approved fund, of course) to qualify for this comparably cheap Golden Visa program.

Antigua and Barbuda

This Golden Visa can be obtained by either a $400,000 real estate purchase or the more affordable option, a $100,000 National Development Fund investment. Additionally, a $1.5M business investment will get you in.


While a Golden Visa from Austria can also be acquired through a considerable investment, there is a strict quota of 300 Golden Visas permitted annually.


There are also several means to get a Golden Visa from Canada, including a $1.2M bond contribution to the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program.


To qualify for Germany’s Golden Visa program, it isn't an investment or contribution amount that is required, although there is a minimum amount that is quite strongly encouraged.


Greece also offers several ways to obtain a Golden Visa, including a sizable real estate purchase, considerable investment, or a large purchase of government bonds.


Simply make a $150,000 investment in any national Grenada fund to qualify for this Golden Visa program.


Ireland's Golden Visa offers investment options like enterprise, and real estate funds, along with endowments to qualify for its program.


For a not-so-small investment into a government-approved fund or an even larger chunk of change, you can qualify for either the Residency or Citizenship by Investment Visa plans.

New Zealand

There are two ways to qualify for this Golden Visa program, one of which is $10M in New Zealand currency, or the other investment option which only costs $3M.


Portugal's Golden Visa program requires a real estate investment, although the minimum investment is less for investments in low-density regions.


Qualifications for this Golden Visa program can either be an investment in a business or the establishment of a new business. Additionally, investments in a government-approved fund will also get your ticket punched.


Applying and qualifying for Spain's Golden Visa requires a real estate investment, which can also lead to citizenship.

St. Kitts and Nevis

This Golden Visa program can be entered either via a $150,000 government fund investment or a real estate purchase of $200,000 or more.

St Lucia

Another one of the more affordable Golden Visa programs, St Lucia only requires a $100,000 investment in a national government fund.


This is arguably the most unique Golden Visa program, and qualification is based on the amount of annual taxes paid.

The Cayman Islands

Considered a residency investment Golden Visa program, for a $2.5M real estate investment, this could be home.

The United Kingdom

A minimum real estate investment can qualify you for the Golden Visa program in the UK.


$250,000 and a sizable real estate investment later, and you can get your Golden Visa for Turkey.

United Arab Emirates

The Dubai Golden Visa program offers either a $5M or $10M (United Arab Emirates currency) investment plan to qualify.

United States of America

The Golden Visa program for the US requires either a $900,000 investment or a minimum of $100,000 invested in an existing business or to establish a new business.


With either a $130,000 government fund investment, or a $200,000 government-approved property purchase, a Vanuatu Golden Visa can be yours.

Golden Visa Countries 2023

Golden Visa Countries 2023