Michelin Stars by Country / Michelin Star Restaurants by Country 2023

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What Country Has the Most Michelin Star Restaurants in the World?

There are lots of people who are looking for a delicious place to grab a bite to eat, particularly when they travel across the world; however, there are some countries that simply have more Michelin star restaurants than others.

The country that has the most restaurants that have earned a Michelin star is France. France has a total of 632 restaurants that have Michelin stars. 74 of these restaurants have earned at least two Michelin stars, while 29 restaurants have earned a total of three stars. 3 Michelin stars are the most that a restaurant can receive, and it takes a tremendous amount of work for a restaurant to earn this coveted title.

What Other Countries Have Restaurants With Michelin Stars?

There are lots of other countries that have Michelin star restaurants as well. For example, Japan ranks second behind France. The Pacific island nation has a total of 413 restaurants that have earned Michelin stars. Other countries that fill out the top few places include Italy, Germany, and Spain. The United States has the 6th most Michelin restaurants in the world, with a total of 193 of them. In the United States, California, New York, Illinois, and Washington DC have restaurants that have earned Michelin stars. China is just behind the United States, with a total of 168 restaurants that have earned Michelin stars. When referring to China, this includes Hong Kong and Macau. Some of the other locations in China that have Michelin star restaurants include Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou.

How Do Restaurants Earn Michelin Stars?

There are a number of criteria that restaurants me to eat before they can earn a coveted Michelin star. Of course, this is an award that is given for outstanding cooking. Some of the most important factors that the judges will take into account include the quality of the ingredients, the mastery of exceptional cooking techniques, and the harmony of flavors. In addition, the consistency of the quality of the food over time will be taken into account. Typically, the judges look at the quality of the food across the entire menu instead of just focusing on the restaurant’s specialty.

Do Michelin Stars Go To Chefs or Restaurants?

Michelin stars are awarded to restaurants, not chefs. Of course, the quality of the chef is going to play a role in whether the restaurant earns a Michelin star. One of the most important criteria is whether the personality of the chef is reflected in the food that is placed on the plate. It is possible for a chef to leave one restaurant, go to another restaurant, and earn another Michelin star. It is also possible that the second Michelin star may come faster, given that the chef understands what it takes to earn a Michelin star. At the same time, when someone leaves a Michelin star restaurant, they do not take the Michelin star with them to the new restaurant.

Michelin Stars by Country / Michelin Star Restaurants by Country 2023

Michelin Stars by Country / Michelin Star Restaurants by Country 2023