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Obscure Countries 2023

According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, the word “obscure” is defined as “relatively unknown, remote, or secluded.” Surprisingly, this word can be applied to some nations. Sure, there are countries that we all know – the United States, France, Canada, or India, for example, but there are also countries that we don’t hear about often – if at all. These are the world’s most obscure countries.

These nations offer natural beauty and culture that you can’t find anywhere else, so it’s a shame that they are – as the dictionary states – relatively unknown. Let’s take a look at some of the most obscure and unknown nations in the world. How many have you heard of before?

One country that is obscure is Malta, a small island off the coast of Sicily. This nation gained its independence in the 1960s. One of the highlights of this country is its temple complexes, which are some of the oldest buildings in the world. Even if you haven’t heard of Malta, you may be familiar with the Maltese – a dog breed that originated on this small island.

If you want an exotic place to snorkel and check out the local marine life, take a visit to Nauru. This tiny island has stunning coral reefs. However, this nation – which is the only one in the world without a capitol – only brings in about 200 tourists per year and has just two hotels.

You may not be familiar with the name Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, but you may have seen it on the silver screen. This archipelago located in the Caribbean has beautiful beaches and jungles. In fact, the beauty of this country was showcased in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie franchise.

Not all obscure countries are beautiful beaches, soaring mountain ranges, and great tourist destinations. Another obscure nation that you may not know about is Mauritania, located in the Sahara Desert. This nation made slavery illegal in 1981 but took an additional 26 years to actually make owning slaves a crime. Despite the illegality of slavery, as much as 20% of the country is still enslaved.

Another obscure nation is Benin, which is one of the poorest countries in the world. The major religion of Benin is voodoo and it is thought that this religion originated here. The nation celebrates Voodoo Day each year.

Finally, the last obscure nation we’re going to discuss is Lesotho, which is located in south Africa. More than 40% of the country’s population is very poor, and Lesotho is dependent on South Africa. However, the canyons and mountains of this nation are a sight to behold.

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2023 Population
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines103,698
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What are the tiny countries no one knows about?

Some obscure countries include Lesotho, Benin, Malta, Mauritania, Liechtenstein, Nauru, Uzbekistan, Suriname, Kiribati, Andorra, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Brunei.

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