Percentage of Redheads by Country 2023

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Among the various hair colors of the world, black and brown are the most mainstream, blonde is less common but still widespread, and red is the rarest of all. However, it is also one of the most widely discussed. Here is a look at the percentage of redheads by country, and where this particular hair color is comparably more prevalent.

Ireland: The Emerald Isle and Home of the Red Heads

With more red-headed residents than anyone else in the world, Ireland is the king of people with red hair. The latest estimates suggest that about 10% of Ireland's population are redheads. Considering that in most places across the globe, redheads make up less than one percent of the population, Ireland's abundance of redheads is even more astonishing.

Scotland: Where the Scots See Red

One of the few other places on earth that can remotely rival the population of redheads in Ireland is Scotland. Much like their Irish counterparts, this part of the world is recognized as the most prominent area on the planet for redheads. Estimates suggest that the percentage of redheads in Scotland is roughly 6%.

Not unlike Ireland, in light of the average number of redheads around the globe, these are also eye-popping numbers. This also explains why we so often assume that people with red hair must be of some Irish or Scottish origin.

Great Britain

Among the countries with the highest percentage of redheads, Great Britain has long been recognized as a place with its share of redheads. While the numbers and percentages don't quite put Great Britain in the realm of Ireland and Scotland, it remains one of the more highly populated countries regarding its number of redheads.

Conflicting Numbers

Although it is without argument that the two most highly redhead populated countries are Ireland and Scotland, there is some conflicting data to the numbers. Some estimates have cited the population of redheads in Scotland to account for nearly 13% of the country's population total.

Based on those figures, it would obviously put Scotland at the top of the hill when it comes to being king of the redheads.

The Other Redheaded Populations

Although the Jewish people have been displaced over the years, it is still guesstimated that around 10% of Jewish men have red hair or beards. Additionally, the people of Poland at one time had a redheaded population of approximately 5%.

Redheads are the obvious minority in the arena of common hair color, but in some parts of the world, they fit right in.

In Western Europe

About 6% of the Scottish population has red hair. The Irish red-hair population beats that at about 10% of the people living there. That establishes Ireland as the most red-haired country in Western Europe.

England also has a significant number of people in it with red hair: 4% of its total inhabitants. To celebrate, it hosted its first Ginger Pride celebration in 2013. More than 1,600 people participated in this Redhead Day Festival that took place in Breda, a Netherlands city.

France also may have some redheads, which reportedly has the highest European Jew population as of 2019. If they’re Ashkenazi Jews, about 3.6% of the women have red hair, and 10% of Jewish men have red beards. Other reports indicate that the country may have a 5% redhead ratio overall.

In African Countries

In Africa, most people with red hair live in Morocco and Algeria. Also, some Riffians in Morocco and Kabyles in Algeria have red hair.

Lalla Salma, Morocco's Queen, names one famous person from this region who has red hair, by the way. Salma reportedly met a man at a party in 1999 and married him three years later. She never anticipated that he would end up becoming Africa’s king.

In The Middle East

Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria have a higher percentage of redheads than the rest of Asia. They may have emigrated from Europe though. Red hair in this region, however, remains rare as opposed to people with dark hair. However, reddish-brown coloring is found, but some of that might be from using dyes.

United States Redheads

This country reportedly has up to 18 million redheads as of 2018. The percentage typically ranges from approximately 2%-6%, and it apparently has the largest ginger population in the world. You have to remember, however, most of them probably have European descendants.

Additional Redhead Sightings

Uyghurs, a Turkic ethnic group, has a high concentration of red-haired people. Normally, you wouldn’t see people with brown or black skin having read hair. However, tiny number of Polynesians people, such as ones from Papua New Guinea, have reddish-brown highlights.

Russia seems to have a reputation of having large quantities of people with red hair. That’s at least true amongst the Udmurt people, who reside in the Volga Region.

Other places in Asia and Europe may have it, such as Italy or China, but it probably exists at less than one percent. In North America, more redheads most likely would exist in Canada versus Mexico.

Percentage of Redheads by Country 2023

Percentage of Redheads by Country 2023