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Hair Color by Country 2023

Dark is the Most Common Hair Color in the World

Dark hair is the most common hair color in the world. Although the United States is the land where they say blondes have more fun, there aren’t very many of them here. The United States has predominantly black and brown hair in the population, with 85 percent for black hair and 11 percent for brown hair. Authentic blonde hair makes up only two percent of the population, and authentic red hair, the rarest hair color of all, makes up only one percent of the American population.

When looking at hair color by country and examining where the other dark-haired countries are, the continent of Africa and all of its countries are predominantly black. The Middle Eastern countries also have predominantly dark hair, and Asia is predominantly dark-haired as well. Russia’s northern Kola peninsula is predominantly dark-haired.

In Europe, France contains some regions that are markedly dark-haired, along the northern border near Burgundy. Switzerland has a dark-haired region, most notably where Italian is spoken in Switzerland.

Where the Blondes Are

The blondes of the world are all over the world, but finding a true blonde is a rare thing indeed. When looking at hair color by country, it is also one of those hair shades that can be subject to interpretation. There is a blonde shade from platinum blonde to ash blonde and every blonde in between.

The percentage of blonde-haired people per country varies considerably. In Great Britain, there are many blondes along the southern border. The most blondes elsewhere in Europe can be found in the Baltic States. Germany is almost exclusively blonde with the coastline along the Baltics somewhat darker-haired. Iceland is a very blonde nation, and so is Norway.

There is a blonde section of northern Italy that is closer to Germany and the Slavic states. Serbia is typically darker-haired but a divide near the Montenegro Islands is where some blondes live. A section of Romania near Hungary is also very blonde.

The Rare Red Heads

When it comes to authentic red-headedness, this is the rarest hair color of all. The percentage of the world with naturally red hair is approximately two percent. But as with other hair colors, the percentage of red-headed people per country is quite varied.

The country with the highest percentage of red hair in the world is Scotland, with 13 percent red hair. The red hair gene is a recessive gene which makes its authenticity so rare. In Scotland, it is estimated that approximately 40 percent of the population carries this gene.

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What is the rarest hair colour in the world?

Red is the rarest hair colour in the world, and the country with the highest number of redheads is Scotland. Approximately 13% of those living in Scotland have red hair.

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