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Jewish Population (Sept 21)

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Jewish Population by Country 2023

Judaism is one of the oldest and most influential religions in the world, with more than 14.7 million practitioners worldwide as of 2019. If counting the "enlarged" Jewish population—which is to say, if including individuals with partial Jewish heritage—the number of Jews in the world swells to 20 million.

Jewish people make their homes in nearly every country worldwide, but the majority live in one of only two nations: Israel and the United States. Based on data from sources including the Jewish Virtual Library and the American Jewish Year Book, Israel led the world with an estimated 6.89 million Jews as of April 2021. The U.S. followed closely behind with 5.7 million, the majority of whom live in New York, California, Florida, and New Jersey. These are the only two nations with Jewish populations that exceed 1 million.

Top 10 Countries with the Largest Jewish populations (2019):

  1. Israel - 6,894,000 (2021 data)
  2. United States - 5,700,000 (Possibly 6.7 million. Sources differ.)
  3. France - 450,000
  4. Canada - 392,000
  5. United Kingdom - 292,000
  6. Argentina - 180,000
  7. Russia - 165,000
  8. Germany - 118,000 (tie)
  9. Australia - 118,000 (tie)
  10. Brazil - 92,600

Countries with the Smallest Jewish populations:*

According to 2019 estimates from the Jewish Federations of North America, the following countries have fewer than 100 Jewish residents: Armenia, Bermuda, Botswana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Indonesia, North Macedonia, Madagascar, Malta, Namibia, Nigeria, Philippines, Slovenia, South Korea, Syria, and Taiwan.

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Where is the largest Jewish population in the world?

With 6.89 million Jews as of April 2023, Israel is home to the highest population of Jewish people in the world. The United States is second with approximately 5.7 million Jewish people.

How many countries have large Jewish populations?

There are Jewish families living in just about every country around the world, but only two countries are home to over a million Jewish people; Israel and the US.

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