Registered Voters by Party 2022

From the Democrats to the Republicans and Independents, there are many voters in the US, but how are those parties and votes split. Who has the largest contingent of voters, the smallest, and what does this mean for these respective parties?

Republican Voters

The number of registered voters by party will vary from year to year. Fortunately, for everyone, the numbers for each of the parties remains fairly unchanged from one year to the next. That includes the number of voters for the Republican Party.

The number of registered voters for the Republican Party is approximately 36 million. And much like its opposing parties, these numbers are competitive when compared against the Independent and Democratic parties. Republican voters can also lay claim to having 7 red states as of the last Presidential election.

Democratic Voters

The Democratic voters have historically held an edge over Republican voters, and recent data shows that this data is still holding true. The number of Democratic voters is reported to be around 49 million. The Dems also carried the lion's share of registered voters in States that asked voters to declare affiliation with 36 percent of voters declaring Democratic affiliation.

What might be most surprising about those figures is that the second-largest reporting party affiliation was the Independent's, not the Republicans. That of course leads us to the next question regarding the number of registered voters by party.

Independent Voters

The number of people who identify with and declare themselves as Independent voters is second next to Democrats. What might be surprising to many people is that the overall number of people who claim affiliation with the Independent party is usually more than those who declare themselves as either Democrat or Republican.

The other impressive figure for those who declare as Independent voters are that 31 percent turn out for those States that asked for party affiliation declarations. This, of course, doesn't mean there will be an Independent uprising, but it does reveal the balance among the parties.

Number of Registered Voters by Party

Although data such as the number of registered voters by party is important, it is also a volatile statistic. In addition to these numbers being in a state of constant flux, they also don't necessarily determine the voting outcome for these voters.

From the Republicans to the Democrats, to the Independent voters, the number of registered voters by party is important. On election day, however, is when those affiliations prove their worth.

Registered Voters by Party 2022