13 Letter Countries

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With a total of 195 countries spread throughout the globe, it is awesome to see how diverse the names of these nations can be. These names come from different etymologies and represent different cultures. As such, they also feature many different word counts. Please keep reading to learn more about some of the most notable countries with 13-letters in their name.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic is an Eastern European nation. Its beautiful capital city, Prague, is considered one of the most beautiful destinations in the eastern area of Europe, attracting many tourists and visitors each year. The country was formerly joined with Slovakia, in a nation that was known as Czechoslovakia, before the two nations split officially in 1993.


Liechtenstein is a tiny European nation: it is only 25km long! The country is located in an area that sits right between Austria and Switzerland. The citizens of Liechtenstein are native German speakers, and this nation is a very important cultural and financial haven.

American Samoa

American Samoa is a US territory that is located in the Southern Pacific ocean. It features several islands and atolls, including Tutuila, which happens to be the largest of all of those islands, as well as the home to the country’s capital, Pago Pago. Volcanic activity and earthquakes can be quite problematic in this part of the world. Sadly, American Samoa was hit by a massive earthquake in 2009, which had lingering effects on the lives of people for a long time.

Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is an external Australian territory located in the pacific ocean, somewhere between New Zealand and New Caledonia. It is quite famous due to its breath-taking steep cliffs and for its prominent pine forests, which are quite stunning and often considered a beautiful natural feature.

13 Letter Countries


There are 4 13-letter countries & territories.

13 Letter Countries

13 Letter Countries