6 Letter Countries

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Many country names have only six letters. While the length of a country's name has little to do with other factors such as its overall land area, its annual GDP, its level of development, or consumption of beer, name length can still be an interesting way to group the world's countries.

There are a total of 31 countries with six-letter names in the world (not counting non-country territories such as Jersey or partially recognized countries such as Kosovo). These include seven countries in Africa; seven countries in Asia; one in Oceania; two countries in each of Central, South, and North America; and ten countries in Europe.

Six-letter countries are the second-most-common type of country in the world, ranking well ahead of not only the 12 four-letter and 26 five-letter countries, but also the 26 eight-letter countries, 14 nine-letter countries, 19 ten-letter countries, as well as those that have 11, 12, 13, or more letters. Only seven-letter countries are more numerous.

Six-letter countries in North America, South America, and Central America.

Two of the largest countries in North America are six-letter countries. First is Canada, which also ranks among the safest countries in the world, and the second is Mexico, one of the world's leading producers of both cocoa.

Just south of Mexico, the Central American countries of Belize—the only Central American country whose official language is English—and the hispanic country Panama both have six-letter names. Finally, South America includes two six-letter countries: Guyana, where the most popular sport is cricket, and Brazil, the world's largest producer of coffee beans.

Six-letter countries in Europe

Europe has more six-letter countries than any of Earth's other continents. These include Sweden, one of the least racist countries in the world; France (one of the world's biggest wine producers); the slavic countries Poland and Serbia; and Latvia, one of the world's biggest consumers of alcohol.

The list of six-letter countries in Europe continues with Norway, which is considered by many to be the best country in the world to live in, as well as Cyprus, Greece, and the tiny coastal country of Monaco, the smallest country in the world other than Vatican City. Additionally, two transcontinental countries, located in both Europe and Asia, have six-letter names: the emerging country Turkey and Russia, the largest country in the world.

Six-letter countries in Africa

The African continent is home to several six-letter countries, nearly all of which have names that end in the letter "a". First of these (alphabetically speaking) is Angola, a country with one of the highest birth rates in the world. This is followed by Gambia, the smallest country in mainland Africa; Guinea, one of only four countries in the world (all in Africa) that lacks physical telephone lines; the landlocked country of Malawi, the “Land of a Thousand Hills” Rwanda; the equator country Uganda; and Zambia, home of Lake Kariba, the world's largest man-made lake. All seven of Africa's six-letter countries rank among the least-developed countries in the world.

Six-letter countries in Asia and Oceania

The Asian six-letter country of Taiwan ranks as the world's friendliest country by some metrics. The obscure country Brunei also has six letters, as do Bhutan, the first country in the world to write environmental protections into its constitution; and the Middle Eastern countries of Israel (one of the world's most educated countries, the [arab country] of Jordan, and the oil-rich Kuwait. Lastly, the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu is Oceania's lone six-letter country.

6 Letter Countries


There are 31 6-letter countries & territories.

6 Letter Countries

6 Letter Countries