Avocado Production by Country 2023

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Where Do Avocados Usually Grow?

Avocados are consumed by people all over the world, but they are only grown in a few countries. Avocados require a tropical climate in which to grow, so they only grow in countries that have warm weather. This means that the closer a country is to the equator, the more likely it is for avocados to grow. There are other requirements an area has to meet in order for avocados to grow well, so it is dependent on avocado growers to make sure they provide their plants with the nutrition they require.

What Countries Grow the Most Avocados?

In 2018, the entire world was estimated to have produced approximately 6.4 million tons of avocados. This was an increase of approximately 7 percent when compared to 2017, when 6 million tons of avocados were grown. The largest producer of avocados in the world is Mexico. Mexico produced approximately 2.1 million tons of avocados in 2018. The same country produced approximately 2 million tons of avocados in 2017. On average, Mexico is responsible for approximately a third of the global production of avocados.

Mexico is the only country on Earth that has produced more than a million tons of avocados in a single year, but the Dominican Republic also grows a large percentage of the world's avocados. In 2018, the Dominican Republic grew approximately 640,000 tons of avocados. The Dominican Republic also grew approximately 637,000 tons of avocado in 2017.

How Many Tons of Avocados Does the United States Produce?

The United States is also a significant contributor to the global supply of avocados, but it does not produce nearly as many avocados as the countries listed above. In 2018, the United States produced approximately 168,000 tons of avocados. This represented a slight decrease when compared to 2017 when the United States grew approximately 170,000 tons of avocados. This means that the United States is the 8th biggest supplier of avocados in the world. The other countries that grow more avocados than the United States include Peru, Indonesia, Colombia, Brazil, and Kenya. The other countries that round out the top 10, in terms of avocado production, include Venezuela and Israel.

Is the Global Production of Avocados Going Up or Down?

It is going up. In general, the global production of avocados is slowly increasing. Even though there are a lot of challenges that come with growing avocados right now, the countries that grow avocados are responding to meet the increasing demand. Avocados have gotten significantly more popular during the past few years, and farmers all over the world are working hard to grow more avocados. In addition, research is taking place to figure out what has to be done to grow more avocados. Finally, the Mexican economy is heavily dependent on producing avocados, so there is a lot of incentive to continue growing them. Even though there will be challenges in the future, global production is expected to continue to rise during the next few years.

Avocado Production by Country 2023

Avocado Production by Country 2023