Best Countries to Visit in June 2023

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Croatia has always been beautiful, but has recently been making headlines in the West for its popular hostiles, tourist destinations, and catering to the luxurious boat and yacht shows. Although the news has been around rich and elite happenstance, it has brought the attention of tourists everywhere for its natural beauty and picturesque landscape. Croatia is best experienced in the summer, where pools, cliffs, lakes, and beaches are in abundance. Check out Split, which is considered one of the best places for dining, nightlife, and romantic getaways.

For those that are looking for a more historic getaway, Dubrovnik has some of the most majestic castles in the world. High walls, turrets, cliff fortifications, and entrances through the water demonstrate Croatian ingenuity and attention to detail that has stood the test of time. For the film and television fanatics, Game of Thrones scenes were mostly filmed using the towers and walls of Dubrovnik city and castles.


When touching down in the city of Amsterdam, tourists are already extremely impressed. The Amsterdam airport could be considered an experience and trip altogether, as its large international reach brings travelers from all over the world. Amsterdam is a unique mix of city and country and is best experienced in June when the weather is at its warmest. The Netherland has very little open landscape, such as plains, meaning that it is a relatively cooler place - perfect to enjoy during the post-bloom in the first month of summer.

The Netherlands has some of the most beautiful (and numerous) windmills in the world. See live performances, enjoy its beautiful canals, enjoy its traditional clothing and give your feet a try at walking in traditional wooden shoes. If nothing else, catch a Yodeling show, the vocal mastery of different ranges can't be found anywhere else!


Cyprus is found in the Mediterranean, well-known for mitigating extreme temperatures. June is the perfect time to visit Cyprus, as it can be much warmer during the later months. Situated between Greece and Turkey, Cyprus is a unique mix of cultures that boasts some of the healthiest and most tasty diets in the world. Due to historical strife between neighboring cultures, Cyprus's war-torn lands have left the landscape without many buildings, meaning that every city has that unique village feeling that is close to home.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a relatively cost-effective destination in Europe, which is best visited during the month of June. Prague is a celebration in and of itself, as the city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The cuisine is laden with fish and seafood, so those who are looking for a pescatarian diet can look no further. The winding streets are a throwback to its blend of Roman, Gothic, and Renaissance cultures, which have come with the intermingling of historical tribes and conquering armies. Prague is considered one of the most diverse religious, cultural, and economic hubs in Europe.

Best Countries to Visit in June 2023

Best Countries to Visit in June 2023