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Countries Near Greece 2024


Albania is a country located to the north of Greece. The two countries share a border, and they have a long history of economic and cultural ties. In recent years, Albania has sought to improve its relations with Greece, and the two countries have worked together on a range of issues. One important area of cooperation between Albania and Greece has been the fight against organized crime. Both countries have been affected by the activities of criminal networks, and they have joined forces to tackle this problem.

This included joint law enforcement operations and the sharing of intelligence and other resources. In addition to its work with Greece on security issues, Albania has also been a key partner for Greece in efforts to address the ongoing refugee crisis in the region. Albania has provided shelter and assistance to refugees who are fleeing conflict and persecution in other parts of the world, and it has worked closely with Greece to support these efforts.

North Macedonia

North Macedonia shares a border with several other countries, including Greece to the south. The relationship between North Macedonia and Greece has been complex over the years, with periods of both cooperation and conflict. In ancient times, both countries were part of the kingdom of Macedon, which was ruled by the famous Alexander the Great, who has been said to never be defeated in battle.

In modern times, however, the two countries have had their differences, particularly over the use of the name "Macedonia" by the North Macedonian government. Greece has historically argued that this name should be reserved for the Greek province of Macedonia, and has even taken the matter to the United Nations. Despite these disagreements, the two countries have been working together more closely in recent years, particularly on issues such as trade and security. The signing of the Prespa Agreement in 2018, which resolved the dispute over the name, has helped to improve relations between the two countries.


Bulgaria and Greece share a border along the northeast region of Greece. Like North Macedonia, they were both comprised of the ancient kingdom of Macedon. With that being said, the two countries have generally good relations, especially since becoming part of NATO. One critical point of difference that has caused tensions is around the use of the word "Macedon", which has angered some ethnic Bulgarians that are living in Greece.

Bulgaria and Greece are both parts of the European Union's Single Market, which allows for the free movement of goods, services, and people between member states. This has helped to increase trade between the two countries, with Greece being one of Bulgaria's largest trading partners. The two countries have been working together to improve the security of their shared border, which is an important transit route for illegal migrants trying to enter the European Union.

On a larger scale, Bulgaria and Greece have ameliorated relations during NATO-led peacekeeping missions, which include operations in Kosovo, a region of heated political instability in relation to Serbia.

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