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Council of Europe Countries | Countries on the Council of Europe 2024

Founded in 1949 and headquartered in Strasbourg, France, the Council of Europe (CoE) is a 46-member international organization dedicated to the advancement of human rights, democracy, and the rule of law. The CoE's values include freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, freedom of the media, equality, and the protection of minorities from discrimination and hate. It campaigns for causes such as improved safety for children and minorities and fights against societal evils including corruption, terrorism, hate speech, and domestic violence. Council of Europe countries do not practice capital punishment (the death penalty) for crimes. Although the two organizations are independent of one another, the CoE includes all 27 members of the European Union (EU). In fact, no country has ever joined the European Union without first joining the Council of Europe.

Russia's expulsion from the Council of Europe

At the start of 2022, the Council of Europe had 47 members and six non-member observers. However, on February 24, 2022, Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine. The Council of Europe suspended Russia's membership a day later, on February 25, as the country's actions served as a clear violation of the CoE's humanitarian values. In response, Russia announced on March 15, 2022, that it would leave the Council of Europe. However, the CoE's Committee of Ministers chose not to delay and instead voted unanimously that same day to terminate Russia's membership in the Council of Europe. Russia had joined the CoE on 28 February 1996.

Countries on the Council of Europe

CountryDate JoinedCountryDate JoinedCountryDate Joined
Albania13 July 1995Greece09 Aug. 1949Netherlands05 May 1949
Andorra10 Nov 1994Holy See (observer)07 Mar 1970North Macedonia09 Nov 1995
Armenia25 Jan 2001Hungary06 Nov 1990Norway05 May 1949
Austria16 Apr 1956Iceland07 Mar 1950Poland26 Nov 1991
Azerbaijan25 Jan 2001Ireland05 May 1949Portugal22 Sep 1976
Belgium05 May 1949Israel (observer)02 Dec 1957Romania07 Oct 1993
Bosnia and Herzegovina24 Apr 2002Italy05 May 1949San Marino16 Nov 1988
Bulgaria07 May 1992Japan (observer)20 Nov 1996Serbia03 Apr 2003
Canada (observer)03 Apr 1996Latvia10 Feb 1995Slovakia30 Jun 1993
Croatia06 Nov 1996Liechtenstein23 Nov 1978Slovenia14 May 1993
Cyprus24 May 1961Lithuania14 May 1993Spain24 Nov 1977
Czech Republic30 Jun 1993Luxembourg05 May 1949Sweden05 May 1949
Denmark05 May 1949Malta29 Apr 1949Switzerland06 May 1963
Estonia14 May 1993Mexico (observer)01 Dec 1999Turkey13 Apr 1950
Finland05 May 1989Monaco05 Oct 2004Ukraine09 Nov 1995
France05 May 1949Montenegro11 May 2007United Kingdom05 May 1949
Georgia27 Apr 1999Moldova13 Jul 1995United States (observer)07 Dec 1995
Germany13 Jul 1950

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Join Date
AlbaniaFull13 July 1995
AndorraFull10 November 1994
ArmeniaFull25 January 2001
AustriaFull16 April 1956
AzerbaijanFull25 January 2001
BelgiumFull5 May 1949
Bosnia and HerzegovinaFull24 April 2002
BulgariaFull7 May 1992
CanadaNon-Member Observer3 April 1996
CroatiaFull6 November 1996
CyprusFull24 May 1961
Czech RepublicFull30 June 1993
DenmarkFull5 May 1949
EstoniaFull14 May 1993
FinlandFull5 May 1989
FranceFull5 May 1949
GeorgiaFull27 April 1999
GermanyFull13 July 1950
GreeceFull9 August 1949
HungaryFull6 November 1990
IcelandFull7 March 1950
IrelandFull5 May 1949
IsraelNon-Member Observer2 December 1957
ItalyFull5 May 1949
JapanNon-Member Observer20 November 1996
LatviaFull10 February 1995
LiechtensteinFull23 November 1978
LithuaniaFull14 May 1993
LuxembourgFull5 May 1949
MaltaFull29 April 1965
MexicoNon-Member Observer1 December 1999
MoldovaFull13 July 1995
MonacoFull5 October 2004
MontenegroFull11 May 2007
NetherlandsFull5 May 1949
North MacedoniaFull9 November 1995
NorwayFull5 May 1949
PolandFull26 November 1991
PortugalFull22 September 1976
RomaniaFull7 October 1993
San MarinoFull16 November 1988
SerbiaFull3 April 2003
SlovakiaFull30 June 1993
SloveniaFull14 May 1993
SpainFull24 November 1977
SwedenFull5 May 1949
SwitzerlandFull6 May 1963
TurkeyFull13 April 1950
UkraineFull9 November 1995
United KingdomFull5 May 1949
United StatesNon-Member Observer7 December 1995
Vatican CityNon-Member Observer7 March 1970
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How many countries are in the Council of Europe?

As of 2022, there were 47 members of the Council of Europe, but there were also six non-member observers. Russia has since been suspended from the council.

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