Countries with the Most IKEAs 2022

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Germany – IKEA Country

Germany is said to lead the pack of countries with the most IKEAs or IKEA stores. Germany is home to over 53 locations for IKEA stores. In Berlin, there are four locations. IKEA is a store that is beloved by Germans all over the world. Its flagship store is here, as is its head office.

The store was opened in 1974 in Munich, Germany. The largest IKEA store in Germany is found in Berlin-Lichtenberg. It is 45,000 square meters large. Other famous IKEAs in Germany include the others in Berlin, including Berlin Spandau and Berlin Tempelhof. However, the Cologne Am Butzweilerhof and IKEA at Hannover Expo Park are revered by the citizens of Germany as well. IKEA lovers can also enjoy large stores at Mannheim and Oldenburg.

United States – Second Most IKEAs

United States comes in a very close second to Germany for the number of IKEA locations. It is home to over 50 locations, with IKEA finding its first home in the United States in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania in 1985. This is just outside of Pennsylvania, and is considered to be a suburb of Pennsylvania.

The state of California is home to the most IKEAs in the country, with eight locations. Florida comes in second with four locations, and Texas and Pennsylvania are tied for three IKEA locations.

The largest IKEA in the United States is found in Burbank, California, and has a size of over 456 thousand square feet. Chicago’s location is over 430 thousand square feet, and the Atlanta store is home to over 355 thousand square feet of IKEA merchandise. Charlotte, North Carolina, and Boston, Massachusetts are also home to large IKEA stores with each location being over 300 thousand square feet.

France Loves IKEA

France has over 30 IKEA stores in its country, with the French loving this European style of furniture. There are six IKEA stores in Paris alone, which is the number of locations in Texas and Pennsylvania combined. The oldest IKEA in France is located in Marseille, and has been open since 1985 and is approximately 172 thousand square feet large. France’s largest IKEA store has over 390 thousand square feet and is found in Paris.

China and IKEA Stores

China comes in a close third to France for number of IKEA stores with 29 IKEAs in the country. Its largest is in Shanghai and is 592 thousand square feet large. Other locations include Beijing which is over 452 thousand square feet large and that in Dalian which is over 409 thousand square feet large. Although China may be the third in number for countries with the most IKEAs, it may place first for the size of its IKEA stores as all of its stores are massive locations.

Countries with the Most IKEAs 2022

Countries with the Most IKEAs 2022