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ePacket Countries 2024

As the name implies, ePacket shipping is designed for e-commerce. ePacket is a shipping option offered by third-party merchants in China and Hong Kong. It is one of the fastest delivery options for international shipping and the most affordable. Tracking is also available for ePacket packages through the China Post. Before ePacket, China EMS was the best option to ship products overseas to customers; however, this would often take over a month or even up to or over eight weeks. Most orders using ePacket are delivered within 30 days. Shipping times, however, can vary depending on the destination of delivery, customs, holidays, and possible delays in customs. Any merchant in China and Hong Kong can offer ePacket shipping if the package meets the size requirements. For those dropshipping through AliExpress, Oberlo, and eBay, ePacket is a helpful solution that allows shops to get products to customers faster. This gives these shops a competitive advantage by keeping up with what their customers want.

ePacket only covers the parcel’s journey from China or Hong Kong to the border, where it is then sent to the destination via an international carrier. Once crossing the destination country’s border, the package is then in the hands of that country’s carrier who is responsible for getting it to the customer. All ePacket packages are subject to the same customs and steps that all packages go through. Additionally, because ePacket deliveries also go through traditional customs clearances, customers may need to pay any applicable duties and taxes upon arrival.

A package from China or Hong Kong to the United States takes anywhere from 10-20 days to arrive. This is fairly quick considering how many packages and bulk orders are processed every day internationally. Plus, all orders can be tracked throughout the entire process. ePacket began as an affordable and speedy solution for Chinese and Hong Kong merchants to ship to the United States. The USPS formally announced ePacket in 2011. Since then, 44 countries all over the world have started using ePacket.

  • Service to some countries may be unavailable from certain other countries or businesses.

Where is ePacket available?

ePacket was originally available through third-party merchants that are located in China and Hong Kong, but now there are 53 countries around the globe using it.

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