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Percentage of Bald Males by Country 2024

There are numerous possible reasons why someone might go bald. Balding is much more common in men than in women, but it can happen to just about anyone. Sometimes, people lose their hair due to hereditary reasons. People with a history of people in their family going bald are more likely to lose their hair themselves. In addition, hormonal changes can cause people to lose their hair. For example, some people may lose their hair when they are exposed to stressful situations. Even medical conditions, such as alopecia, can cause people to lose their hair. Male balding is more common in certain countries than in others.

What Country Has the Highest Percentage of Males Who Go Bald?

The Czech Republic is the country with the highest percentage of men losing their hair. In the Czech Republic, approximately 43 percent of men have either lost their hair or are losing their hair. Even though there are lots of reasons why people might lose their hair, it is most common in the Czech Republic.

Furthermore, Spain is not that far behind, as Spain also has close to 43 percent of its male citizens losing their hair as well. Even though it can be difficult to calculate exactly what percentage of people are losing their hair, it is clear that Spain and the Czech Republic are very high on the list.

Finally, Germany has approximately 41 percent of its male citizens losing their hair. Germany is the only other country on Earth where more than 40 percent of its male citizens have either lost their hair or are in the process of losing their hair.

What Is the Percentage of Male Balding in the United States?

The United States also has a relatively high percentage of its male citizens losing their hair. In the United States, approximately 39 percent of men have either lost their hair or are in the process of doing so. Some people in the United States lose their hair due to hereditary reasons, while other people may have developed a medical condition that predisposes them to losing their hair. There are multiple treatment options for people who have lost their hair, and there are doctors who specialize in helping people replace the hair they have lost.

What Country Has the Lowest Percentage of People Losing Their Hair?

Asian countries tend to have a lower percentage of male baldness when compared to other countries. China is a country where the number of people who go bald is very low. Many of the other countries in this region, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Laos, Sri Lanka, South Korea, and Japan, also have very low percentages of male pattern baldness. The same factors that influence male baldness in other parts of the world also play a role in Asian countries. For genetic reasons, male pattern baldness might be lower in Asian countries when compared to other parts of the world.

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% of Bald Men
Czech Republic42.79%
United Kingdom39.23%
United States37.89%
New Zealand28.9%