Saharan Countries 2023

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Saharan countries are defined as those countries located within the region of the Sahara desert. While living in these harsh, hot, dry climates is challenging, many people have come to call these places home.

List of Saharan Countries:

Along with these countries and locations, there are also more than a few countries that live in what is defined as a sub-Saharan region. A sub-Saharan region is defined as areas south of the Sahara desert. Although sub-Saharan areas offer more livable conditions, there are still many similarities to Saharan countries.

Countries That are Geographically Classified as Sub-Saharan:

Living in a desert might be unfathomable for those who have never experienced a desert. And the truth is, the desert can be a dangerous place for those who aren't familiar. Despite this, there are many people who have lived happy and successful lives in these regions.

One of the primary revenues for those living in Saharan and sub-Saharan territories is the abundance of raw materials. People who live in these regions often mine goods such as stone and glass, metals, minerals, and fuels.

There is also a strong market for these goods. The leading importers of goods coming from Saharan and sub-Saharan countries include China, India, South America, and the US. Oil, of course, is the leading product coming from this part of the world and is its most valuable commodity.

Saharan countries live in a region that is unlike almost any other place on earth. What we have learned from these countries, is that if we use the resources we have and adapt to our environment, we can find success regardless of where we live.

What some of us may call hot, uncomfortable, dry, and dangerous, others may call home. And if you happen to live in a Sarahan country, there may be no other place you would rather be.

Saharan Countries 2023

Saharan Countries 2023