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Shark Population by Country 2024

The oceans around the world are home to over a billion sharks, encompassing 400 diverse species in terms of size, color, and danger level. In recent years, the shark population has been on the rise in the United States, with 50 species inhabiting its waters. The US shark hotspots include Florida, Hawaii, South Carolina, California, and North Carolina, with New Smyrna Beach in Florida being the most shark-infested area globally.

Australia follows closely, particularly known for its large population of white sharks, with estimates of up to 1,500 adult white sharks in southwestern Australia. South Africa's waters host several hundred great white sharks; despite a declining population, the region has experienced hundreds of shark attacks.

Brazil's coastline is home to over 200 shark species, ranging from harmless to deadly, with the tiger shark, great white shark, and bull shark being the most common. New Zealand, with an estimated 700 great white sharks, boasts a diverse shark population including basking, pygmy, whale, and hammerhead sharks.

The Mascarene Islands in the Western Indian Ocean have 44 shark species, with 41 recorded shark attacks in its waters. Mexico's waters, home to over 100 shark species including great whites, are known for shark sightings in Isla Guadalupe Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and Cabo San Lucas.

Lake Nicaragua, despite being landlocked, surprisingly hosts dangerous sharks in its largest lake. The West End in Grand Bahamas stands out as the shark diving capital of the world, offering face-to-face shark encounters within the safety of metal cages.

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Estimated Maximum Shark Population
Detailed Estimate
Predominant Water Area
Water Areas
India1,000,000100000-10000003287263Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal
United States1,000,0001000000+ (several million)9525067Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico
Brazil1,000,000100000-10000008515767Atlantic Ocean, Amazon River Basin
Mexico1,000,000100000-10000001964375Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean
Japan1,000,000100000-1000000377975Pacific Ocean, Sea of Japan
Philippines1,000,000100000-10000002210517Philippine Sea, Sulu Sea, Celebes Sea
South Africa1,000,000100000-10000001221037Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean
Australia1,000,0001000000+ (several million)7692024Coastal areas, Coral Reefs, Great Barrier Reef
Thailand100,00010000-100000513120Gulf of Thailand, Andaman Sea, Gulf of Siam
South Korea100,00010000-10000098480Yellow Sea, Sea of Japan, East China Sea
Spain100,00010000-1000001042175Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean
Madagascar100,00010000-100000587041Indian Ocean, Mozambique Channel
Ecuador100,00010000-100000283561Pacific Ocean, Galapagos Islands
New Zealand100,00010000-100000270467Tasman Sea, South Pacific Ocean
Costa Rica100,00010000-100000511373Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea
Fiji100,00010000-10000018272South Pacific Ocean, Fiji Islands
Maldives100,00010000-100000298Indian Ocean, Maldives Atolls
Bahamas100,00010000-100000139390Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea
Kenya10,0001000-10000536074Indian Ocean, East African Coast
Canada10,0001000-100009984670Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean
Venezuela10,0001000-10000912050Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean
Sri Lanka10,0001000-1000065610Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal
Malawi10,0001000-1000029600Lake Malawi, Shire River
Tunisia10,0001000-1000046595Mediterranean Sea, Gulf of Tunis
Sweden10,0001000-10000157700Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia
Iceland10,0001000-10000100250North Atlantic, Arctic Ocean
Seychelles10,0001000-10000459679Indian Ocean, Seychelles Islands
IndonesiaSignificant, but difficult to estimate1919440Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean
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