What Country Speaks Tagalog? 2023

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It is the lesser-known language with a rather funny name that sounds a lot like tag along, but Tagalog is actually a very real and widely used language in at least one part of the world. The people of the Philippines, about 14 million of them, are native speakers of Tagalog.

The Tagalog language is also recognized as the second-largest linguistic group in the Philippines. It is also worth noting that the Pilipino language that is rooted in Tagalog is also spoken by an additional 25 million people in this part of the world. So where did this unique language come from, and how did it become so familiar in this region?

What is Tagalog

The language Tagalog belongs to and is created from the Central Philippine branch of the Austronesian language. That is a language derived from the Malayo-Polynesian origin. It is also the collective of language influences that have created such a unique and centralized language and dialect.

Those outside this part of the world have likely never heard the Tagalog tongue, but for natives of this region, it might be a little like speaking English and having a French dialect in New Orleans. In many places around the globe, where societies of people are both close-knit and remotely located, it isn't uncommon for unique language structures to form.

The Language of the Philippines

There are a few languages that might commonly be heard if you are in or around the Philippines. Among those, is that one language with the peculiar sounding name, and an unmistakable sound. In most cultures, there are two forms of every language, in the US they call those the proper and the slang forms.

Although Tagalog isn't actually a slang form of any language, it does bear traits of slang. Namely, it was derived from a known and spoken language, and secondly, it was adopted by a select group of people within the same society.

Yes, that sounds a lot like slang, but the big difference is that Tagalog actually has its own set of rules, annunciations, and other features that define language and speech. If you are ever planning to visit the Philippines, it isn't necessary to learn Tagalog to get around, but it could prove useful in certain burrows. It is the unique language with a funny little name, but in places like the Philippines, it says so much.

What Country Speaks Tagalog? 2023

What Country Speaks Tagalog? 2023