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Alcohol Percentage in Beer by State 2024

Alcohol Percentage in Beer by State 2024

Each state sets its own limit to the alcohol content of beer sold within the state. The alcohol by volume (ABV) is above the 0.5% threshold to be federally recognized as “beer,” but some states have maximums on the ABV of beer.

States With Low Percentage Alcohol By Volume

Utah and Colorado both limit beer to 4% alcohol by volume. This does not necessarily represent the strength of the beer itself but the label that sold it within the state. There are many ways to go about determining the average percentage of alcohol content in beer, as those who are drinking do not necessarily consume the same product that is being sold by the market. For example, Ohio produces some of the strongest beer in the country but exports it to other states and sometimes at an international level. Interestingly enough, Ohio does not find itself in the top five states of alcohol by label, meaning it is brewing strong beer that is mostly enjoyed outside the state.

States With High Percentage Alcohol By Volume

On the other end of the spectrum, beer in Vermont is able to contain up to 16% alcohol by volume. North Carolina (15%), South Dakota (14%), and Georgia (14%) all have high levels of alcohol by volume.

Furthermore, the demand for strong beer is palpable, as many Californian breweries focus on creating a vast variety of products for sale to their local and national customer base. This presents the unique result of consuming and producing beer with high alcohol content.

Do Alcohol By Volume Laws Affect Consumption?

More research is necessary to determine whether the state's rules and regulations affect the strength of the beer consumed. As with any data, outliers are plentiful, which can drastically change the data. Generally speaking, most consumers prefer an ABV in the single digits, with those looking for more specialty beer being a rare occurrence or just an isolated instance in determining the data.

Culture has a huge implication, as seen in the example of Utah. Utah is known for having some strict religious societies, which often do not allow the consumption of alcohol, making it the state with the least desire to consume strong alcohol. In fact, Utah is tied for the third lowest consumption of beer in gallons each year.

Alcohol Percentage in Beer by State 2024

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Alcohol Percentage in Beer by State 2024