Bath Salts Legal by State 2022

Are bath salts legal in what states you say? If your answer was none, you would be right. Under the biggest stick in the land, Federal Law, the possession and or sale of bath salts is illegal. One caveat to that law is that a few states have yet to align their mandates with the Federal Laws governing bath salts. If you are looking for bath salts, though, even for non-nefarious purposes, you are going to have to search outside of the US.

It is also those aforementioned nefarious activities that took bath salts to such infamous recognition. That is where the real story behind the ban on bath salts began.

Bath Salts Legal in What States?

There was a time when bath salts were readily available and legal in the majority of states in the US. That time was short-lived, however, as this synthetic drug became an obvious danger - early on and often.

In addition to the many concerning side effects of using bath salts, including hallucinations, organ failure, and other serious issues, bath salts can also be deadly. In fact, at the peak of their usage, bath salts became synonymous with drug-related deaths.

Either smoked, swallowed or taken intravenously, bath salts were popular because of the "high effect" caused by the release of dopamine when consumed. Today, while illegal, there are still bath salt manufacturers.

These sellers distribute these illegal products through smoke shops, gas stations, and other different markets. The packages are labeled as "not marked for human consumption" in order to get their bath salts on shelves.

The Consequences

One possible reason for the continued illegal production and distribution of bath salts is a relatively mild consequence of breaking the bath salts law. In most states, the act of possessing or using bath salts is considered a misdemeanor offense. That also suggests that the risk of using bath salts may be worth taking for many, and also creates a market for bath salt manufacturers.

Those who are caught and convicted of making or selling bath salts, however, are subject to facing felony charges. Those more serious consequences have also apparently been effective in at least slowing the use and manufacture of bath salts.

The Not So Innocent Drug with a Not So Innocent Name

Yes, to hear someone say it, bath salts seem all so innocent enough. In reality, it is a very dangerous drug, with typically less than innocent intent.

Bath Salts Legal by State 2022