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BetOnline Legal States 2024

BetOnline Legal States 2024

BetOnline emerges as a leading online gambling hub, boasting a wide array of offerings ranging from sports betting to casino games. Since its inception in 2001, BetOnline has attracted a diverse clientele, from seasoned bettors to newcomers, owing to its user-friendly interface and extensive selection of betting markets.

BetOnline accepts players from 49 of the 50 US states (all except New Jersey), positioning itself as a convenient and accessible option for bettors nationwide. Despite legislative restrictions in certain states targeting online gambling operators, BetOnline operates outside of these jurisdictions (it is headquartered in Panama), maintaining its status as a legal betting platform for most Americans.

That said, residents of Hawaii, Utah, Illinois, Montana, and other states that prohibit or regulate online gambling are advised to exercise caution, as use of BetOnline in these states may involve some level of legal risk. However, no legal actions were known to have been taken against individual bettors as of early 2024.

BetOnline Legal States 2024


  • BetOnline accepts bets from 49 US states, with New Jersey being the only exception.
  • In certain states, gambling on BetOnline may be against the law despite the company's willingness to accept bets from said state. For example, gambling of any kind is prohibited in Hawaii and Utah, though BetOnline (which is based in Panama and therefore not subject to US laws) still accepts bettors from said states.

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