Black Panther Legal States 2022

It’s illegal to pet black panthers in most states. They’re aggressive and dangerous animals that can kill people and other pets. Only reservations and zoos have permission to own a panther. But six states don’t ban or regulate keeping a black panther as a pet. They include:

Do Panthers Have Spots?

Jaguars and leopards have distinctive rosettes and spots on their fur. But with their dark black coats, one might assume that black panthers don’t have these patterns. That isn’t the case.

Are Black Panthers Rare Species?

The abundance of black panthers mainly depends on their habitation. For example, black panthers are scarce in the savannah, where they hunt during the day. While in dense jungles and rainforests, they’re far more common.

Sadly, the panthers face challenges like loss of prey and habitat degeneration. They’re also hunted for their bones, fur, and different body parts. Seen as a threat to people, other pets, and livestock, they’re also hunted down.

What Kind of Wild Animals Are Illegal in The United States?

Illegal animals in America include:

  • Certain venomous snakes
  • Primates
  • Alligators
  • Skunks
  • Raccoons
  • Bears
  • Wild canines
  • Wild felines and other exotic pets

But, you can keep sugar gliders and hedgehogs.

What is The Safest Big Cat to Keep?

Here are the top eight large cat breeds that make unique pets:

  • Pixie-Bob Cat
  • Siberian
  • Ragamuffin
  • Ragdoll
  • Maine Coon
  • Savannah Cat
  • Norwegian Forest Cat

What Should I Know Before Housing a Panther?

Black panthers thrive well in a spacious outdoor area. In captivity, they need large enclosures with high walls or cage-in ceilings. It’s a huge responsibility and commitment to care for even smaller ones properly.

Moreover, black panthers need plenty of physical and intellectual enrichment opportunities as they experience in the jungle. These are inquisitive, smart species that get bored if under-stimulated, and boredom might lead to health problems and depression.

Stinky Spraying

Black panthers naturally have a musky odor as they spray their urine. Spraying is an instinctive behavior, so you can’t train them to stop. The odor of cat excrement and urine can quickly ruin a home and your house value. Realistically, keeping a black panther is dangerous and a wrong financial decision.

What Do Panthers Eat and Drink?

ALL Black panthers are carnivores. Some can eat about 30 pounds of meat per day. A female panther with kittens might eat excessively. They also need supplements and vitamins to mimic the nutrients they require in the jungle to stay healthy and active.

In their natural habitats, black panthers hunt prey like gazelles, fish, dear, reptiles, etc. They eat their prey’s flesh, bones, skins, and organs containing multifaceted nutrients. The average lifespan of a black panther is about 20 years, so feeding one daily carries a significant financial burden.

How Do Panthers Hunt?

When hunting, panthers stalk their prey, move silently and freeze their motion to avoid detection. Unlike wolves and dogs that chase after their prey until it tires, panthers spring as far as 20 feet for the kill. With extended claws, they grasp the prey around its shoulders and neck. They later kill the prey by biting the back of the neck, injuring the spinal cord.

Black Panther Legal States 2022