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Burris Oracle Legal States 2024

Burris Oracle Legal States 2024

The Burris Oracle rangefinding bow sight stands as a technological marvel for bow hunters, revolutionizing precision and accuracy in the field. While hailed as a game-changer by many enthusiasts, its legality fluctuates across states, prompting hunters to navigate a patchwork of hunting laws and regulations. Notably, the Oracle appears fully legal in a myriad of states, including Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, and California, among others. These regions welcome the innovative tool, embracing its potential to elevate the hunting experience with its rangefinding capabilities.

However, caution is warranted in states where the Burris Oracle's legality is uncertain or potentially illegal, such as Alaska, Colorado, Florida, and Hawaii. In these jurisdictions, hunters must tread carefully, ensuring compliance with local regulations to avoid potential legal pitfalls. Given the ever-changing landscape of hunting laws and the subjective interpretation of regulations by enforcement officials, hunters are urged to seek guidance from local authorities to navigate the intricate web of game regulations effectively.

Despite the legal intricacies, the Burris Oracle remains a beacon of technological advancement in the hunting community, offering hunters unparalleled accuracy and precision in their pursuits. Its adoption across various states underscores the evolving nature of hunting practices and the importance of staying abreast of legal developments to ensure a responsible and lawful hunting experience.

Burris Oracle Legal States 2024

  • State hunting laws can change at any time and may be interpreted differently by different enforcement officials. Hunters are encouraged to consult local officials for the most current game regulations.

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Burris Oracle Legality
AlabamaAppears Fully Legal
AlaskaProbably Illegal
ArizonaAppears Fully Legal
ArkansasAppears Fully Legal
CaliforniaAppears Fully Legal
ColoradoProbably Illegal
ConnecticutAppears Fully Legal
DelawareAppears Fully Legal
FloridaProbably Illegal
GeorgiaAppears Fully Legal
HawaiiProbably Illegal
IdahoProbably Illegal
IllinoisAppears Fully Legal
IndianaAppears Fully Legal
IowaAppears Fully Legal
KansasAppears Fully Legal
KentuckyAppears Fully Legal
LouisianaAppears Fully Legal
MaineAppears Fully Legal
MarylandAppears Fully Legal
MassachusettsAppears Fully Legal
MichiganAppears Fully Legal
MinnesotaAppears Fully Legal
MississippiAppears Fully Legal
MissouriAppears Fully Legal
MontanaProbably Illegal
NebraskaAppears Fully Legal
NevadaAppears Fully Legal
New HampshireAppears Fully Legal
New JerseyAppears Fully Legal
New MexicoLikely Legal
New YorkAppears Fully Legal
North CarolinaAppears Fully Legal
North DakotaProbably Illegal
OhioAppears Fully Legal
OklahomaAppears Fully Legal
OregonProbably Illegal
PennsylvaniaAppears Fully Legal
Rhode IslandAppears Fully Legal
South CarolinaAppears Fully Legal
South DakotaProbably Illegal
TennesseeAppears Fully Legal
TexasLikely Legal
UtahAppears Fully Legal
VermontAppears Fully Legal
VirginiaAppears Fully Legal
WashingtonProbably Illegal
West VirginiaAppears Fully Legal
WisconsinAppears Fully Legal
WyomingAppears Fully Legal
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