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Coin Pusher Legality by State [Updated February 2023]

Coin Pusher Legality by State [Updated February 2023]

Do Casinos Still Use Coin Pushers?

When people talk about "coin pushers," they are usually describing devices where you have to physically push a coin into the machine to make it work. For example, there are games where you send a coin through a slot to attempt to knock other coins off the side of a ledge. In the past, these were fun games people played when they went to casinos; that is no longer the case. It is highly unusual to see a casino with a coin pusher in it. On the other hand, there are plenty of arcades that still use coin pushers. Many bars have set up nostalgic areas with old arcade games, and there are coin pushers that operate in those specific areas.

Are Coin Pushers Legal in Certain States?

Coin pushers are now considered illegal in casinos in the vast majority of areas. In Minnesota and Illinois, it is legal for a casino to have a coin pusher, but it has to be licensed by the Department of Revenue. If the coin pusher in the casino has not been licensed by the Department of Revenue, it is considered illegal, and the casino itself could be shut down. Now, many casinos use electronic machines that protect patrons and the casino. That is why many casinos have decided to go away from manual coin pushers.

Why Are Coin Pushers Considered Illegal?

Coin pushers are considered illegal for a number of reasons. Because of the design, there is an unknowable amount of coins that could spill off the side of the ledge. It is very difficult to predict how they might fall so the coins might end up going back to the house and not be paid out to the player. Therefore, a lot of people are taking unnecessary risks, and it is very difficult to regulate how these machines work. As a result, it is highly unusual to see a coin pusher in a casino, but it is still possible to see a coin pusher in an arcade in certain situations. You should be careful if you decide to play one of these games.

What Types of Games Are in Casinos Today?

Even though coin pushers are highly unusual in casinos, there are still plenty of other games that are popular. A lot of people go to a casino to play Blackjack. Many people also enjoy going to the casino to play craps. There are also lots of fun electronic games that people can play. It is not necessary for someone to play against the house, as they can play against other players while they are there. Because there are so many opportunities available at a casino, there are still a lot of people who like to go and play games regularly even if there's no opportunity to use a coin pusher.

Coin Pusher Legality by State [Updated February 2023]

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Coin Pusher Legality by State [Updated February 2023]