Driest States 2022

Nevada is the Driest State in America

Nevada is considered among the driest states in America because of its location as a land-locked state. It is low in the south, with very little water around it to keep its humidity low. The climate of Nevada is that it is very dry, with intense heat over the summer. It also is high in elevation, which means it takes longer for the cooling impacts of the Earth’s core to reach Nevada’s planes.

Nevada’s desert-type climate isn’t just a myth or fairytale. It also has mountains that will block the moisture from the ocean, preventing cross breezes that are found in coastal areas. The moisture here is just not easy to come by, making Nevada among the driest states in the country.

Utah and its Hot Summers

Utah is known for its beautiful skiing, and that may make some believe that it can be a cooler state year-round, but this is just not the case. Utah’s skiing comes from the mountains, an area that is not rich in moisture that provides the water cycle in a way that you might think. Utah is a very dry state with an extremely hot summer and just as extreme cold in the winter.

Utah’s winters, however are unlike winters in the East, where the coasts once again bring in temperatures off of the water to bring temperatures below freezing and very wet. The dry cold in Utah is infamous, and this is a state where the annual rainfall is only approximately 14 inches per year.

Wyoming’s Mountains Make For a Dry State

Wyoming is a state that can be considered among the third driest in the country. This is another state where extreme temperatures occur, and that is because the precipitation is very low. Clouds are not common here, and that is where you are going to find your rain and snow.

You will see the most precipitation in spring and summer, but you’re only going to find approximately eight inches of rainfall in Wyoming every year.

Arizona’s Rainy Winters Aren’t Much

Arizona is another state infamous for its dry spells and desert climate. It does get precipitation in the winter, but that is largely in the form of rain. There is some flash flooding here in the spring, but you aren’t going to see enough of that to make this a state with a lot of humidity. The elevation in Arizona will vary, and this also contributes to the dry seasons in Arizona.

Driest States 2022