Football Colleges by State 2022

1. Pennslyvania

Pennsylvania is the leading state for football colleges by state 2022. The Keystone State has a total of 52 football colleges. The huge number of football colleges in the state is partly attributed to football being the most popular sport in the area. It is especially popular in Central Pennslyvania, western Pennsylvania, Northeastern Pennsylvania, and the Lehigh Valley. The most popular football colleges in the state include Pennslyvania State University, Bucknell University, Univerity of Pittsburgh, and Temple University.

2. Ohio

Following Pennslyvania closely in the list of football colleges by state 2022 is Ohio. The Buckeye State has a total of 42 football colleges in eight NCAA divisions divided among three distinct conferences. The football colleges are home to over 17,000 talented athletes. Ohio University, Ohio State University, Wright State University, University of Cincinnati, and University are some of the notable football colleges in Ohio. Most football colleges in Buckeye State are funded by the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS).

3. Texas

The Lone Star State has 37 football colleges, five less than Ohio. The high number of football colleges in Texas is due to decades-long rivalries between different areas and institutions. The rivalries have made football extremely popular in the state, forcing many colleges to initiate football programs in the institutions. The top football colleges in the state include Texas College, University of North Texas, Texas A&M University, and Baylor University. Texas football colleges produce many athletes in the National Football League (NFL) every year.

4. New York

New York has 31 football colleges. Of these, 21 are in the first division, while the rest are in divisions two and three. The top football college in the State is Fordham University. Other top-tier football colleges in the Empire State include Colgate University, Stony Brook University, Syracuse University, Wagner College, and Cornell University. Football colleges in New York offer their athletes proper benefits than most states across the country. Like other states with many football colleges, New York produces many athletes who play in the NFL.

5. North Carolina

Closing the list of the top five football colleges by state 2022 is North Carolina. The Old North State has the same number of football colleges as New York, 31. The leading football colleges in the state include the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University, East Carolina University, and Davidson College. Colleges in the state are very competitive and often perform well in competitions.

Football Colleges by State 2022

Football Colleges by State 2022