Highest Paying Jobs by State 2022


For those who are looking for the highest paying jobs in the United States, there is no shortcut - you must obtain a degree in healthcare. The medical field, especially for those who specialize in it, is the most lucrative in terms of compensation, but also the most demanding. The surgeon is the top career in more than 20 states, with Oklahoma paying their surgeons the highest on average. Although this is the most well-compensated field, not every position will be paid the same. There are many fields within surgery, and those who are more specialized, advanced, and senior in their role will receive higher compensation.

This is not only true, as is the case with cosmetic surgery. When compared to other life-saving and disease-prevention surgeons in the neural and somatic spaces, cosmetic surgeons still get compensated extremely well due to their high-end clients. Although most believe that cosmetic surgeons only deal with aesthetics, they also specialize in reconstructive surgery, which is extremely beneficial. For example, those who have undergone injury or trauma to their nose and face can receive facial reconstruction to restore their confidence and quality of life.


Obstetricians come second on the list for the most well-compensated job in America. This means that the medical field has the highest reported income, as practitioners need to adhere to strict guidelines and must spend most of their adolescence in training, education, and supervision. For this sacrifice to the greater good, medical careers must appear extremely attractive and lucrative for those who wish to embark upon this journey. Remember that this list does not take into consideration business income, which may or may not out-earn certain medical roles.

Obstetricians and Gynecologists are the most well-compensated in Montana, with an annual mean wage of nearly $300k. The extremely stressful working conditions and in-depth knowledge make this one of the least sought-after roles. Furthermore, there is an increase in liability insurance in this profession, especially for males, due to the risk of accusatory claims and vulnerability. It is difficult to become an Obstetrician on academic prowess alone, as you must also have an innate ability to work with people and relate to their struggles and fears beyond the medical field.

Airline Pilots

Airline pilots are the only non-medical careers that have the potential to out-earn some of the top careers in the medical field. There is only one state that has a higher-paid airline pilot median than its surgeons' counterparts: Michigan. You can make around $240,000 as a pilot in Michigan, and this career is also one of the most well-paid job choices in a non-medical capacity in many other states. For some, this is a more attractive option as you do not need to have the same amount of formal schooling and similar work conditions, but pilots work in extremely stressful conditions. Many flight hours go into a pilot's training prior to commandeering a commercial vehicle, and their sleep schedule leaves something to be desired.

Highest Paying Jobs by State 2022