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22 lbs, 4 oz
21 lbs, 12 oz
18 lbs, 2.8 oz
17 lbs, 4.32 oz
16 lbs, 8 oz
16 lbs, 8 oz
16 lbs, 7 oz
16 lbs, 4 oz
South Carolina
16 lbs, 2 oz
15 lbs, 15.52 oz
North Carolina
15 lbs, 14 oz
New Mexico
15 lbs, 13 oz
15 lbs, 8 oz
15 lbs, 3 oz
14 lbs, 13.7 oz
14 lbs, 12 oz
14 lbs, 9.5 oz
13 lbs, 14 oz
13 lbs, 2 oz
13 lbs, 1 oz
12 lbs, 14 oz
12 lbs, 9 oz
West Virginia
12 lbs, 4.48 oz
12 lbs, 1.6 oz
12 lbs
11 lbs, 15.04 oz
11 lbs, 12.8 oz
11 lbs, 10 oz
11 lbs, 9.92 oz
11 lbs, 9 oz
11 lbs, 6 oz
11 lbs, 6 oz
New York
11 lbs, 4 oz
Rhode Island
11 lbs, 3.2 oz
11 lbs, 3 oz
11 lbs, 3 oz
11 lbs, 1.6 oz
10 lbs, 15 oz
New Jersey
10 lbs, 14 oz
10 lbs, 12 oz
10 lbs, 11 oz
New Hampshire
10 lbs, 8 oz
10 lbs, 4 oz
10 lbs, 2 oz
9 lbs, 9.4 oz
9 lbs, 9.28 oz
South Dakota
9 lbs, 5 oz
8 lbs, 13 oz
North Dakota
8 lbs, 7.5 oz

Largemouth Bass Record by State 2024

Largemouth Bass Record by State 2024

States With The Largest Reported Largemouth Bass Catch

The largest largemouth bass catch ever recorded in America's history weighed 22 lbs. 4 oz. The fish was caught in the state of Georgia at Montgomery Lake in 1932 by a man named George Perry. While it may be interesting to note that it was a very long time ago, the number two biggest catch occurred in California, at Lake Castaic. The lucky angler was Michael Arujo, who had caught the fish back in 1991, weighing in at 21 lbs. 12 oz.

Georgia and California have some of the biggest largemouth basses by size in the entire country. This tends to skew the results in terms of competition, as more mutations are prone to develop with the biodiversity available in these two states.

Georgia22 lbs, 4 oz
California21 lbs, 12 oz
Texas18 lbs, 2.8 oz
Florida17 lbs, 4.32 oz
Alabama16 lbs, 8 oz
Arkansas16 lbs, 8 oz
Arizona16 lbs, 7 oz
Virginia16 lbs, 4 oz
South Carolina16 lbs, 2 oz
Louisiana15 lbs, 15.52 oz

It can be noted that 1992 was a great year for shattering records in this category, as it was the year where the third and fourth biggest catches occurred, one at 18 lbs. 2.8 oz. and the other at 18 lbs. 2.4 oz. Respectively, this occurred in Texas' Lake Fork, credited to a man named Barry St. Clair. Number 4 was in the Natchez State Park Lake in Mississippi, by an experienced fisherman named Anthony Denny.

States With The Smallest Reported Largemouth Bass Catch

Alaska is the only state that does not provide largemouth bass size data. Because the fish is traditionally found in warmer climates and waters, such as Georgia, Florida, Texas, and Tennessee, it is expected that largemouth bass wouldn’t be seen so far north. Other fish thrive in colder climates and are more suitable in Alaska, which is well-known for its wild salmon. Alaska was also one of the last states to be admitted to the union, so a lot of history may not have been recorded.

Of the remaining states, five have records of largemouth bass catches within the state where the fish was less than ten pounds. North Dakota has the smallest with an 8 lb. 7.5 oz. bass being caught in 1983. Minnesota (8 lbs. 13 oz.), South Dakota (9 lbs. 5 oz.), Hawaii (9 lbs. 9.4 oz.), and Montana (9.58 lbs.) are the remaining states. Again, this is due to the climate of these states, Largemouth bass are less likely to be caught in these states.

Largemouth Bass Populations

California takes the prize in this one. The state of California is the only western state where largemouth bass are both plentiful and large. California has caught twenty of the country's top twenty-five heaviest largemouth bass. It also holds much of the country's population of small-mouth fish. Tennessee is second on the list for smallmouth, accredited with fourteen of the top twenty-five biggest catches on record. In general, fishing practices and a warm climate seem to be conducive to creating some of the best records ever achieved.

Largemouth Bass Record by State 2024

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Georgia22 lbs, 4 oz1932
California21 lbs, 12 oz1991
Texas18 lbs, 2.8 oz1992
Florida17 lbs, 4.32 oz1986
Alabama16 lbs, 8 oz1987
Arkansas16 lbs, 8 oz1976
Arizona16 lbs, 7 oz1997
Virginia16 lbs, 4 oz1985
South Carolina16 lbs, 2 oz1949
Louisiana15 lbs, 15.52 oz1994
North Carolina15 lbs, 14 oz1991
New Mexico15 lbs, 13 oz1995
Massachusetts15 lbs, 8 oz1975
Tennessee15 lbs, 3 oz2015
Oklahoma14 lbs, 13.7 oz2013
Indiana14 lbs, 12 oz1991
Kentucky14 lbs, 9.5 oz2019
Missouri13 lbs, 14 oz1961
Ohio13 lbs, 2 oz1976
Illinois13 lbs, 1 oz1976
Connecticut12 lbs, 14 oz1961
Washington12 lbs, 9 oz2016
West Virginia12 lbs, 4.48 oz1994
Oregon12 lbs, 1.6 oz2002
Nevada12 lbs1999
Michigan11 lbs, 15.04 oz1934
Kansas11 lbs, 12.8 oz2008
Maine11 lbs, 10 oz1968
Mississippi11 lbs, 9.92 oz1992
Wyoming11 lbs, 9 oz2018
Colorado11 lbs, 6 oz1997
Maryland11 lbs, 6 oz2013
New York11 lbs, 4 oz1987
Rhode Island11 lbs, 3.2 oz2016
Pennsylvania11 lbs, 3 oz1983
Wisconsin11 lbs, 3 oz1940
Delaware11 lbs, 1.6 oz2016
Idaho10 lbs, 15 oz
New Jersey10 lbs, 14 oz1980
Iowa10 lbs, 12 oz1984
Nebraska10 lbs, 11 oz1965
New Hampshire10 lbs, 8 oz1967
Vermont10 lbs, 4 oz1988
Utah10 lbs, 2 oz1974
Hawaii9 lbs, 9.4 oz1992
Montana9 lbs, 9.28 oz2021
South Dakota9 lbs, 5 oz2020
Minnesota8 lbs, 13 oz2005
North Dakota8 lbs, 7.5 oz1983
District of Columbia
United States13 lbs, 1.89 oz
showing: 51 rows

Largemouth Bass Record by State 2024