Largest Mall by State 2022


Each state has a mall to be proud of. In Hoover, Alabama, you can find the Riverchase Galleria, which opened its doors in 1986. It does not follow the traditional mall layout, as it also houses the region's only Wholesale Store: Costco. The Riverchase Gallery is also home to the Hyatt Regency, which makes people feel at home in the state and the surrounding area. The Riverchase Galleria is around 1.9M SqFt, making it the largest mall in the state of Alabama.


Alaska is known for its pristine nature, remoteness, and lack of income taxes - but you may be surprised to know that it is home to one of the largest malls in the United States. The Anchorage 5h Avenue Mall is a luxurious experience, as this upscale building is fitted with five different levels of high-end stores and services to meet everyone's needs. Many tourists come from far and wide as it is a great taste of Alaska, which includes tax-free clothing stores sourced from local vendors. Anchorage 5th mall is home to Sullivan's Steakhouse, which is a throwback to the 1940s dining experience. This steakhouse features award-winning live jazz music and Chicago-style dining.


When you think of Arizona, many are associated with rocks, the outdoors, and a desert climate. Scottsdale is a famous fashion capital, home to Fashion Square. Fashion Square holds all of Arizona's exclusive clothing and branded collections with over 200 stores, and more are added to this space every so often. The mall frequently undergoes renovations within its doors, usually adding more cosmetic and beauty brands to its lineup. Many come from far and wide to experience Scottsdale's Fashion Square, as the high-end lines for both men and women are known throughout the country.


The iconic Mall of Georgia is located right outside the capital city of Atlanta. With over 200 retailers, brands, and international stores, it is the largest mall within Georgia, and throughout the entire nation. The Mall of Georgia is more than just a store - as it represents its culture and identity within the building. Historical murals, artifacts, and structures are located throughout the mall's entrance to embrace its past, present, and future on display for the entire world to see. Being one of the state's premier landmarks, it is undergoing a thorough renovation to solidify itself in the eyes of its guests.


Illinois is no stranger to the urban lifestyle, as evidenced by its largest mall: the Gurnee Mills., being the midpoint between the large cities of Milwaukee and Chicago, many guests frequent this mall for its many retail stores and outlets. It is also a prime tourist destination, known for its great deals on clothing, apparel, and well-known brands. A large amount of foot traffic adds to the appeal, as Six Flags Great America is located in its proximity. This attracts visitors from within the state and the country and even serves as an international beacon for the mingling of culture and diversity.

Largest Mall by State 2022