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Liquor Shipping Laws by State 2024

Liquor Shipping Laws by State 2024

Navigating liquor shipping laws across the United States can be a complex endeavor, as regulations vary widely from state to state. While some states allow the shipment of all types of alcohol, others restrict it to beer and wine, and still, some outright prohibit liquor shipping altogether.

States like California, Hawaii, and Washington permit the shipment of all types of alcohol, providing convenience for consumers and bolstering the growth of the online alcohol market. Conversely, states such as Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Utah maintain strict prohibitions on alcohol shipping, limiting consumer choices and potentially impeding economic opportunities in the alcohol industry.

In states where liquor shipping is allowed, regulations often dictate who can ship alcohol, how it can be shipped, and to whom it can be delivered. This patchwork of laws reflects the ongoing debate surrounding alcohol regulation in the United States, balancing consumer convenience with public health and safety concerns. As the landscape of alcohol regulation continues to evolve, it's crucial for both consumers and businesses to stay informed about the latest laws and regulations governing liquor shipping in their respective states.

Liquor Shipping Laws by State 2024

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Legal to Ship
AlaskaBeer and wine only
ArizonaAll alcohol
CaliforniaAll alcohol
ColoradoBeer and wine only
ConnecticutBeer and wine only
FloridaAll alcohol
GeorgiaBeer and wine only
HawaiiAll alcohol
IdahoBeer and wine only
IllinoisBeer and wine only
IndianaBeer and wine only
IowaAll alcohol
KansasBeer and wine only
KentuckyAll alcohol
LouisianaAll alcohol
MaineBeer and wine only
MarylandBeer and wine only
MassachusettsBeer and wine only
MichiganBeer and wine only
MinnesotaBeer and wine only
MissouriBeer and wine only
MontanaBeer and wine only
NebraskaAll alcohol
NevadaBeer and wine only
New HampshireAll alcohol
New JerseyBeer and wine only
New MexicoBeer and wine only
New YorkBeer and wine only
North CarolinaBeer and wine only
North DakotaBeer and wine only
OhioBeer and wine only
OregonBeer and wine only
PennsylvaniaBeer and wine only
Rhode IslandNone/Prohibited
South CarolinaBeer and wine only
South DakotaBeer and wine only
TennesseeAll alcohol
TexasBeer and wine only
VermontBeer and wine only
VirginiaBeer and wine only
WashingtonAll alcohol
West VirginiaBeer and wine only
WisconsinBeer and wine only
WyomingAll alcohol
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