LIUNA Pay Scale by State 2023

What Is LIUNA?

LIUNA stands for the Laborers' International Union of North America. It is usually shortened to Laborer’s Union, a comprehensive organization that stands up for the rights of labor union members. It was founded in 1903 and is one of North America's largest unions. Its members are in both the United States and Canada. Approximately 80,000 of its 500,000 members are Canadian.

The union is structured to fight for better working conditions and higher pay for its members. It has grown significantly over the past 100 years and is closely affiliated with the AFL-CIO. It is one of the largest lobbying organizations in the world.

How Much Does a LIUNA Laborer Make By State?

Many factors are involved in how much money a union laborer will make in a specific state. But it might be helpful to look at a few examples. For example, a union laborer should expect to make between $20 and $21 per hour in Texas. In Massachusetts, the average starting wage for a union laborer is between $19 and $20 per hour. Then, in Arizona, the average starting salary is approximately $16 per hour for a union laborer. There are some significant differences from state to state, but most states fall somewhere in this range.

What Factors Determine LIUNA Pay in a Specific Location?

Several factors will determine how much money a union laborer will make in a specific location. For example, the experience of that individual will play a major role. The more experienced someone has, the more money they can command on the open market. The current state of the job market will also dictate how much money someone gets paid. If there are a lot of open positions available, a union laborer may have more bargaining power to ask for more money.

The current state of the economy overall can also have an impact on how much money someone makes. If the economy is in a recession, there might not be a lot of job openings, which could suppress pay. Finally, the cost of living in a specific location can also impact pay. The more expensive housing is in a certain area, the more money a union laborer might be able to make.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Being a Member of LIUNA?

Considering the benefits and drawbacks of joining LIUNA in your state is also critical. The biggest benefit is that you will have a large organization to advocate for your rights. You may have difficulty standing up to the company when you want something, but it might be easier if you have the union behind you. The downside is that you will have to pay union dues, so you may have to send a portion of your paycheck to the union every month.

LIUNA Pay Scale by State 2023