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Maximum Driving Age by State 2024

Maximum Driving Age by State 2024

While every US state has legal guidelines about the minimum age at which a person can drive or rent a motor vehicle, as of 2023, not a single state in the US has set a legal maximum age at which a person can drive.

That said, once a driver reaches the age of 69-80 must often take extra steps to demonstrate they still have the vision, refelxes, and mental acuity to drive safely and responsibly. Elderly drivers are typically given eye exams, written exams, and behind-the-wheel driving tests more frequently than younger drivers, and may be required to renew their license in-person rather than online or over the mail.

Elderly drivers with CDL (commercial driver's licenses) may also be required to undergo a medical exam and obtain a doctor's note verifying their physical and mental fitness to drive.

Depending upon their performance in the required tests, older drivers may find their driving privileges restricted, such as only driving during the daytime, only driving while wearing glasses or necessary prosthetic or orthotic devices, or only driving vehicles equipped with adaptive devices or equipment.

Maximum Driving Age by State 2024

In every state, elderly drivers may be asked to take a written knowledge test.

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Rules For Elderly Drivers
License Renewal (Every X Years)
Vision Test Requirements
Mail or Online Renewal Permitted
Alaska5Until age 69+Every renewal (69+)
Arizona5 (65+)Not permittedEvery renewal (all drivers)
California5Until age 70+Every renewal (70+)
Connecticut2 (65+)Not permittedNone
Florida6 (80+)Every other renewalEvery renewal (80+)
Hawaii2 (72+)Every 2 consecutive renewals but in-person required every 16 yearsEvery renewal (all drivers)
Idaho4 (63+)Until age 70+Every renewal (all drivers)
Illinois2 (81 - 86), 1 (87+)Every other renewalEvery renewal (75+)
Indiana3 (75-84), 2 (85+)Every other renewalEvery renewal (75+)
Iowa2 (72+)Until age 70+Every renewal (70+)
Kansas4 (65+)Not permittedEvery renewal (all drivers)
Louisiana6Until age 70+Every renewal (70+)
Maine4 (65+)Until age 62+Every renewal (62+)
Maryland8Every other renewalEvery renewal (40+)
Massachusetts5Until age 75+Every renewal (75+)
Missouri3 (70+)Not permittedEvery renewal (all drivers)
Montana4 (75+)Every other renewalEvery renewal (all drivers)
Nebraska5Until age 72+Every renewal (72+)
Nevada4 (65+)Every other renewal until age 65+Every renewal (71+)
New Jersey4 (70+)Permitted unless new photo is required (mail)Every 10 years
New Mexico4 (67-74), 1 (75+)Until age 75+Every renewal (75+)
North Carolina5 (66+)Every other renewalEvery renewal (all drivers)
North Dakota4 (78+)Until age 65+Every renewal (all drivers)
Oregon8Not permittedEvery renewal (50+)
Pennsylvania4 (65+)Every renewal (no restrictions)None
Rhode Island2 (75+)Every other renewalEvery renewal (all drivers)
South Dakota5Every other renewalEvery renewal (65+)
Texas2 (85+)Until age 79+Every renewal (79+)
Utah5Every other renewalEvery renewal (65+)
Virginia5 (75+)Until age 75+Every renewal (75+)
Alabama4Every other renewal (online)None
Arkansas4Not permittedEvery renewal (all drivers)
Colorado5Every other renewal until age 65+Every renewal (all drivers)
Delaware8Not permittedEvery renewal (all drivers)
Georgia8Until age 64+Every renewal (all drivers)
Kentucky8Not permittedNone
Michigan4Every other renewalNone
Minnesota4Not permittedEvery renewal (all drivers)
Mississippi8Every other renewalNone
New Hampshire5Every other renewalEvery renewal (all drivers)
New York9Every renewal (no restrictions)Every renewal (all drivers)
Ohio4Not permittedEvery renewal (all drivers)
Oklahoma4Not permittedNone
South Carolina8Every renewal (no restrictions)Every renewal (all drivers)
Tennessee8Every renewal (no restrictions)None
Vermont4Permitted unless new photo is required (mail)None
Washington6Until age 70+Every renewal (all drivers)
West Virginia8Every other renewal (online)Every renewal (all drivers)
Wisconsin8Not permittedEvery renewal (all drivers)
Wyoming4Every other renewal (mail)Every 8 years
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Maximum Driving Age by State 2024