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Most Hated States 2023


When it comes to the most hated states, Texas is well at the top of the list. Unfortunately, this state has a bit of a reputation for being rebellious, bold, and loud, which many people find offensive. Couple this with the larger-than-life mentality, less than stellar politicians, and scorching weather, and you have a very easy-to-hate state.


While there is plenty to love about California, there is also plenty to hate. This state flaunts its wealth at every opportunity and is home to Hollywood, fast fashion, the rich, and the famous. Between the frantic speeds of the Bay Area with sky-high real estate prices, and the facade of Los Angeles life, many people hate the state of California.

New Jersey

It turns out that people that live in New Jersey hate this state just as much as outsiders. The perception is that people from New Jersey tend to be loud, outspoken, and brash. In addition, New Jersey has high prices on just about everything and loads of traffic. This state has a higher amount of pollution, and the weather is never very appealing.


Florida is a beautiful state, with many of the main cities along the coast. Although this state may seem idealistic, it turns out Florida is one of the most hated states in the country. Florida is easily hated with corrupt politics and little to do outside of going to the beach or Walt Disney World. Plus, the weather is hot, muggy, and humid and is prone to intense hurricanes and tropical storms.


While it may seem that Alabama is rather harmless, much of the hatred toward this state is because of their college football teams. People from Alabama are devoted to their sports, and it can be a bit much for some. The Crimson Tide pride is plastered everywhere you look, and for those not native to Alabama, this can be overwhelming. Plus, Alabama is a state entrenched in tradition, with not all practices being the best.


Kentucky has one of the highest costs of living in the country and is often compared to California. People report that residents in Kentucky are pretentious and challenging to work with. Plus, medical resources and healthcare options are not the best in Kentucky.


Much of the hatred toward Michigan is actually geared toward Detroit. This major city does not receive popular ratings and has a high crime rate in parts of the city. Unfortunately, much of the hatred toward this one city spills over to the entire state. It also doesn't help that people who attend college in Michigan tend to be life-long die-hard college football fans which can be overwhelming.

Most Hated States 2023

Most Hated States 2023