Most Haunted Places by State 2024


Texas can be considered one of the most haunted states in America. There are many televised recreations and accidents that occur in Texas that seem paranormal in nature. For example, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a well-known movie based on real events. The abundance of death on the spot has had some say that many ghosts and specters were attracted to the area, but were never laid to rest peacefully. Additionally, the tumbleweed town of Marfa has a reputation for its art scene and the mysterious Marfa lights. Although there are some speculations about their existence, the unexplainable glowing orbs appeared in the 19th century and resurface from time to time.

Many people say that San Antonia is the most haunted city in Texas, dating back to the Alamo. Being one of the deadliest battles in the history of America, it is no wonder why this tourist destination is considered rife with ghosts and paranormal activity. Local tours help to explore the more paranormal and spooky side of San Antonia, and locals and visitors alike can stay at the Emily Morgan Hotel, where it is said that spirits often roam the halls. The hotel was built out of a morgue and psychiatric ward.


California is second on the list for the state with many purported areas of paranormal activity and hauntings. California is well known for supernatural occurrences, especially in places such as Eureka's Fort Humboldt State Historic Park. There have been many reports of hikers recounting a tale of seeing the ghost of a dead commander staring at them through the windows of the nearby hospital. Los Angeles is known as the city of angels, but can also be known as the city of ghosts. Hotel Roosevelt, for example, has once hosted former guests such as Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Cliff, who are said to still linger around the physical ties to this location.

The Queen Mary Cruise liner was built in the 1930s and operates a haunted hotel. The ship offers ghost-hunting tours, with one of the creepiest rooms being Stateroom B340. That room has been closed multiple times because guests have frequently complained that there was an abundance of hauntings and paranormal activity.


Ohio has recently made a surge in the media for its many issues, including hauntings, ghostly sightings, and specters. The Twin City Opera House and McConnelsville are key areas where it is said that spirits have not yet been laid to rest. Although it has never been found, there is said to be a tormented soul hiding behind the curtains of the Opera House. Mansfield's Ohio State Reformatory is a well-known place that was the home to most of the scenes filmed in the famous movie: Shawshank Redemption. Regular ghost hunts occur in this region, as it is said to be disturbed. Waynesville has been called the most haunted town in Ohio, where flickering candles, scary screams, and flying objects are regularly seen and heard.

Most Haunted Places by State 2024

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Place Names
What People See
AlabamaThe Malaga InnFlickering lights, moving furniture, and a woman in white who paces in room seven
AlaskaAt The White House (bed and breakfast)A woman, believed to be the ghost of a former owner, who stands and looks over the guests' shoulders
ArizonaHotel CongressTwo spirits, who may have been part of John Dilliger's gang: A woman who smells like roses and a man who watches out of the second-floor windows. Additional ghost encounters are outlined on the hotel's website:
Arkansas1886 Crescent Hotel & SpaAssorted spirits, including Michael and Theodora, “The Ghost in the Morgue", the Nurse, the “Girl in the Mist”, and the Lady in Victorian lingerie in room 3500
CaliforniaSebastiani TheatreA young girl in a 1930s-style yellow dress. Workers have nicknamed her Trixie after her tendency to play pranks on the living.
ColoradoThe Stanley HotelMultiple spirits. Author Stephen King's visit to the Stanley inspired his novel, The Shining
ConnecticutThe Mark Twain HouseMultiple spirits, most commonly a lady in white
DelawareThe Amstel HouseMultiple spirits, who are thought to be waiting for loved ones to return from military service abroad
FloridaSt. Augustine LighthouseThe daughter of the lighthouse's builder is said to roam the second floor
GeorgiaThe Hamilton-Turner InnMultiple spirits, including a cigar-smoking man on the roof and a Confederate soldier believed to be buried under the inn, as well as the sounds of children laughing and billiard balls rolling
HawaiiIolani PalaceMultiple spirits, including a woman who gazes out a bedroom window and possibly the spirit of Queen Liliuokalani, who died there in 1917. Additional impressions include phantom footsteps and the smell of cigars
IdahoThe Old Idaho PenitentiaryMultiple spirits of former guards and inmates
IllinoisChicago Water TowerThe ghost of a worker who, when the tower caught fire in 1871, stayed to man the water pumps instead of evacuating and eventually hung himself on the hotel's upper floors as the fire encroached.
IndianaThe Culbertson MansionPuffs of smoke and the smell of cigars, speculated to be courtesy of the spirit of a long-deceased member of the Culbertson family.
IowaSquirrel Cage JailFour spirits of former inmates, including one who fell three stories while attempting to carve his name into the ceiling. Additional impressions include footsteps, voices, shadows, and moving doors.
KansasHollenberg Pony Express StationMultiple spirits including Gerat Hollenberg, who is accused of hiding items and rearranging rooms. Additional impressions include disembodied voices and the sound of horse hooves.
KentuckyTalbott TavernMultiple spirits including Jesse James and a lady dressed in 17th-century clothes. Additional impressions include floating orbs of light and camera-like flashes, moving shadows, objects and furniture moving, and sounds such as footsteps and phantom knocking.
LouisianaLaLaurie MansionMultiple spirits believed to be the ghosts of slaves kept in chains and tortured by the mansion's original owner.
MaineMuseums of Old YorkMultiple spirits, including the "White Witch", a woman who walks down the street alone. Additional impressions include doors which open and close on their own.
MarylandFell Family CemeteryA spirit believed to be the ghost of one of two Fell brothers, Edward and William, who helped build up the surrounding neighborhood and died in the 1740s
MassachusettsThe Lizzie Borden HouseA spirit in Victorian-era clothing, who roams the halls. Additional impressions include the sound of weeping, footsteps, and not-quite-discernable conversations emanating from empty rooms.
MichiganMarquette Harbor LighthouseA little girl who stares out the tower window. She is said to have lived onsite with her father, the lighthouse keeper, and to have fallen from the lighthouse and sustained severe injuries on the rocks below,
MinnesotaMounds TheatreAn unseen spirit said to have physically grabbed the theater owner one night and to have left claw marks on the backs of workers who have entered the basement.
MississippiThe McRaven Tour HomeMultiple spirits believed to be the ghosts of people who died onsite, including during the Civil War, when the house served as a hospital and campsite.
MissouriThe Elms Hotel & SpaMultiple spirits, including the ghosts of a Prohibition-era gambler and a former housekeeper.
MontanaVirginia CityA black-robed figure, believed to be the ghost of a nun, who walks the streets. Additional impressions include unexplained sounds and smells.
NebraskaMuseum of ShadowsImpressions include phantom voices, apparitions, and poltergeist sightings.
NevadaThe Goldfield HotelMultiple spirits, including a couple who killed themselves in the hotel. Additional impressions include the sounds of a woman and a crying baby, said to be the spirits of the former owner's mistress, who was tied to a radiator in room 109 during her pregnancy, and her child, both of whom disappeared once the baby was born.
New HampshireThe Chase HouseThe ghost of a young girl who hung herself in the house, which was once used as an orphanage. Additional impressions include the sound of her screaming.
New JerseyThe Seabrook–Wilson HouseMultiple spirits, including a woman looking for her child, a small boy who peeks out the windows (her child), and a bearded sea captain who may be the infamous Captain Morgan, who used the basement of the house as a torture chamber.
New MexicoKiMo TheatreBobby, a young boy in jeans and a striped shirt, who was killed by an exploding water heater in the theater in 1951. Bobby is known to steal small items and play with the lights and sound during shows. Performers attempt to placate him by leaving treats for him at night.
New YorkHyde HallThe ghost of George Clarke, the home's former owner. Additional historical impressions have included a self-playing piano and a ghostly mayday message heard over the radio.
North CarolinaThe Grove Park Inn Resort and SpaA young woman wearing pink, who died on the property in 1920. Additional impressions include cold chills, unexplained smoke, and a pink apparition in room 545.
North DakotaThe Custer House at Fort Abraham Lincoln State ParkA woman in a black dress who gazes out the second-floor window. Additional impressions include voices and footsteps.
OhioThe Ohio StatehousePhantom smells, flickering lights, and apparitions who may be the spirits of wounded Civil War soldiers or the ghosts of prisoner-laborers who died during the building's construction.
OklahomaCain’s BallroomTwo spirits: The ghost of Bob Wills, whose band has its first regular radio show at the ballroom, and a mysterious woman in red. Impressions include the sight and sound of the two spirits as well as floating orbs and unexplained cold spots in the ballroom.
OregonSiletz BayA ghost ship that appears on foggy days, suspected to be a spiritual remnant of a shipwreck from 1864.
PennsylvaniaHistoric Hotel BethlehemMultiple spirits, including a former hostess who haunts the lobby. Room 932 is said to be particularly haunted.
Rhode IslandThe Graduate HotelImpressions include the sounds of phantom doors closing and the disappearance of guests from the corridors.
South CarolinaPoogan’s PorchSisters Zoe and Elizabeth, who lived in the house (now a restaurant) in the 1800s and have now been sighted more than 200 times.
South DakotaMount Moriah CemeteryMultiple spirits, possibly the ghosts of Wild West legends such as Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickock, who are interred in the cemetery.
TennesseeWheatlands PlantationGhost of Mrs McGavock, a former resident who was killed by a falling chandelier, clad in all black. She roams the halls but is said to be particularly fond of the Magnolia Lobby.
TexasLa CarafeCarl, a former bartender, who may or may not be the figure often seen standing in the second-floor window after the bar has closed. Additional impressions include phantom footsteps, breaking glass, and items on the vacant second floor changing locations.
UtahThe Rio Grande DepotA woman in a purple dress and hat, who was struck by a train and killed while retrieving her dropped engagement ring from the tracks. It is said she can also be heard singing from the women's restrooms.
VermontGold Brook Covered BridgeEmily, who hung herself from the bridge when her lover failed to meet her there. Additional impressions include a white apparition, the sound of a girl screaming, and scratches on cars parked on the bridge.
VirginiaThe Weems-Botts MuseumA little girl spirit is said to haunt the main house, while the ghosts of Civil War soldiers are said to haunt the nearby cemetery.
WashingtonKells Irish PubA ghost named Charlie, often visible in mirriors, or a little girl who reportedly sits at the bar at times. Additional impressions include glasses that glide along the floor without being touched and mirrors that shatter seemingly at random.
West VirginiaWest Virginia PenitentiaryMultiple spirits, thought to be the ghosts of former prisoners and guards.
WisconsinThe Pfister HotelMultiple spirits including Charles Pfister, the hotel's original owner. Additional impressions include unexplained noises and both clothes and furniture changing location on their own.
WyomingThe Atlas TheatreImpressions include phantom voices, visions of floating robes, unexplained electrical glitches, and items changing locations without being touched.
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Most Haunted Places by State 2024