Most Haunted Places by State 2022


Texas can be considered one of the most haunted states in America. There are many televised recreations and accidents that occur in Texas that seem paranormal in nature. For example, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a well-known movie based on real events. The abundance of death on the spot has had some say that many ghosts and specters were attracted to the area, but were never laid to rest peacefully. Additionally, the tumbleweed town of Marfa has a reputation for its art scene and the mysterious Marfa lights. Although there are some speculations about their existence, the unexplainable glowing orbs appeared in the 19th century and resurface from time to time.

Many people say that San Antonia is the most haunted city in Texas, dating back to the Alamo. Being one of the deadliest battles in the history of America, it is no wonder why this tourist destination is considered rife with ghosts and paranormal activity. Local tours help to explore the more paranormal and spooky side of San Antonia, and locals and visitors alike can stay at the Emily Morgan Hotel, where it is said that spirits often roam the halls. The hotel was built out of a morgue and psychiatric ward.


California is second on the list for the state with many purported areas of paranormal activity and hauntings. California is well known for supernatural occurrences, especially in places such as Eureka's Fort Humboldt State Historic Park. There have been many reports of hikers recounting a tale of seeing the ghost of a dead commander staring at them through the windows of the nearby hospital. Los Angeles is known as the city of angels, but can also be known as the city of ghosts. Hotel Roosevelt, for example, has once hosted former guests such as Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Cliff, who are said to still linger around the physical ties to this location.

The Queen Mary Cruise liner was built in the 1930s and operates a haunted hotel. The ship offers ghost-hunting tours, with one of the creepiest rooms being Stateroom B340. That room has been closed multiple times because guests have frequently complained that there was an abundance of hauntings and paranormal activity.


Ohio has recently made a surge in the media for its many issues, including hauntings, ghostly sightings, and specters. The Twin City Opera House and McConnelsville are key areas where it is said that spirits have not yet been laid to rest. Although it has never been found, there is said to be a tormented soul hiding behind the curtains of the Opera House. Mansfield's Ohio State Reformatory is a well-known place that was the home to most of the scenes filmed in the famous movie: Shawshank Redemption. Regular ghost hunts occur in this region, as it is said to be disturbed. Waynesville has been called the most haunted town in Ohio, where flickering candles, scary screams, and flying objects are regularly seen and heard.

Most Haunted Places by State 2022