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Most Popular Beer by State [Updated April 2023]

Most Popular Beer by State [Updated April 2023]

Whether you like to regularly sample craft beers at your local bar or crack open a PBR on the weekends, beer is an undeniably liked beverage. The average American consumes 2.3 gallons of alcoholic drinks annually which include beer, mixed beverages, wines, etc.

However, not all beers are made equal when it comes to popularity. The Top Data Beer Report reveals the most popular beer by state, from local brews to imported ales. Read on to find out the most popular beer in your state.

6 Biggest Beer-Drinking Countries

Beer is consumed by millions worldwide due to health benefits like improved memory, lowering cholesterol, good heart function, stress relief, etc. These benefits made beer the 3rd most consumed beverage after water and tea. Let’s take a look at the six biggest beer-drinking countries.

Rank 6. Namibia

Namibia is located in Southern Africa and is rich in attractive places and tourism. It’s one of the richest African countries, and because of its small population, its per capita beer intake is about 83.40 liters.

Rank 5. Estonia

Craft beer in Estonia has recently exploded. Estonian breweries are setting themselves apart internationally because of their finest products and modern approach to traditional Estonian flavors. So, beer is undeniably a big part of Estonian society. Its per capita beer intake is about 84.4 liters.

Rank 4. Germany

Beer is an integral part of German society. They consume about 92.50 liters of beer per capita. The famous annual Oktoberfest symbolizes an age-old tradition where Germans gather around and enjoy pints of beer together. Germany makes some of the finest beer globally and is a top exporter.

Rank 3. Poland

Poland is Europe’s 3rd biggest beer producer and is a top beer exporter in the continent. They consume about 96 liters of beer per capita.

Rank 2. Austria

Austria neighbors Germany and, like its neighbor, is a heavy beer consumer at about 96.80 liters per capita. Austria imports its beer from Germany and also manufactures its own.

Rank 1. Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, beer is cheaper than bottled water! Its per capita beer intake is about 181.70 liters. The country is also a popular tourist hub and undoubtedly helps it achieve the biggest beer consumed yearly. The Czechs created the beer pilsner, and the drink is enjoyed by its residents daily.

Most Popular Beer by State [Updated April 2023]

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Most Popular Beer by State [Updated April 2023]