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Most Stressed States 2022


It seemed the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina hadn't quite settled before Ike came rolling in, followed by an unprecedented rash of tropical storms that left Louisiana limping and still has this soulful State in a state of repair. That is also a big reason why this is easily one of the most stressed states in the country.

West Virginia

The Mountaineers of West Virginia don't lack a thing when it comes to hometown pride, and they have a work ethic bred from the hills that is rarely found anywhere. What the people from the coal mining hills of this Appalachian State do lack, however, is employment opportunities. And that also leaves West Virginia as one of the most stressed states too.


High unemployment and poverty rates, high infant mortality rates, low wages, and weakened State morale are all issues only being aggravated by the pandemic, and problems that make Mississippi one of the most stressed states. The good news is at least the pandemic issue looks to be relenting, and that may help brighten the outlook for this stressed-out State.


Living in Missouri can be murder, at least that is what the statistics say, as the numbers reveal one of the highest homicide rates per capita (look above if you want to know which states are more deadly than Missouri). That also means that this is also one of the most stressed states in the country, and perhaps Missouri could afford to "show me" a less violent way of life.


Maybe one of the more surprising states on the list of the most stressed states, this west coast icon is known for its beaches and laid-back surfer-dude lifestyle. The reality, however, is that this is a fast-paced, high-roller, technology-crazy, and busy bustling state, and regardless of how it's painted, that still looks like stress.


The Bluegrass State suffers from much of the same plight as its Mountaineer neighbor, also making Kentucky one of the most stressed states in the country too. It is hard not to be a little stressed when living paycheck to paycheck, and even more stressful when it is hard to earn a paycheck at all.


The issues facing the state of Alabama can't be narrowed down to a couple of glaring problems or a handful of topics, because the reason Alabama is one of the most stressed states is the result of a multitude of issues. Addiction, poverty, unemployment, homelessness, failing healthcare, and a laundry list of other issues are the cause for many sleepless nights for this southernmost State.


Long gone is the dynamic automotive manufacturing era driven in large part by Michigan's Motor City. It has also been a long time since this State has known that kind of prosperity, and those many years since have led to Michigan also becoming one of the most stressed states.

New York

Smog and noise, Broadway and big lights, crime and chaos, Wall Street and big business. Yes, New York is one of the most stressed states, and one of the most fabulous too.

Most Stressed States 2022

Most Stressed States 2022