Nude Beaches by State 2022


Nude beaches aren't extremely popular in the United States as they are in other parts of the world, but there are various clothing-optional places that are well-known. Hawaii has a few of these beaches, mostly due to its tropical climate and its position as one of the more "exotic" states. Hawaii currently has outlawed nudity on its beaches, but one of these exceptions is Little Beach. The Polynesian culture has never historically made this an issue in Hawaii, as it was extremely common for islanders to wear traditional garments that may have been too "revealing" by today's standards.

Little beach is one of the most beautiful spots for clothing-optional beaches in the United States, as it is surrounded by unique and natural views. It is very close to Big Beach, which is a more common area for tourists to go to enjoy the water and the sun. Little Beach also has its own secluded section in Makena State Park as it is removed from the main beach area - so those who are looking for a more "free" experience must specifically allocate themselves to that area.

For those looking for a more secluded experience with other clothing-optional bathers, there is also Kehena Black Sand Beach found on Big Island, HI. There is a long hike that you must undergo to get here, but the peace and quiet can help you get over the fear of tan lines and to meet Hawaii's nudist community.


California also has a few nude beaches, with two of them being Baker Beach in San Francisco and Black's Beach in San Diego. Baker Beach offers a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge and is one of the best places to view a beautiful golden sunset. Although it is clothing optional, many come to enjoy the sites and sunbathe, as swimming in the cold water could be extremely shocking and dangerous to your body. There are also rough swimming conditions at this beach, as the waves are usually extremely turbulent and there are many rocks that litter the sand inside the water. The beach itself is not clothing-optional, there is a specific section located at the north of the beach where this is allowed.

Black's beach is much smaller, but the entire beach is dedicated to a more nudist experience, as all clothing is optional. This is the only beach in San Diego where nudity is not illegal, so there are many guests who frequent this area for a more liberating experience. It is extremely secluded, as you must hike to get here.


Haulover Beach in Miami is a popular destination, as it is one of the only publicly-run beaches in the entire nation. Over 1.4 million people flock to this beach every year and it is a popular tourist destination. This beach has been clothing optional since 1991 and employs a few lifeguards who must stay on duty at all times to safeguard the sheer size of the public.

Nude Beaches by State 2022