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Pet Fox Legal States 2022

In Arkansas, all fox species are allowed, no permit required. Arkansas is among the pet fox legal states and allows all species of foxes, but the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission offers some restrictions on imported foxes. Arkansas residents can even catch a wild fox and keep it as a pet. Red and grey imported foxes are not permitted. In Florida, all fox species are allowed with a permit. All species of foxes are allowed in Florida, however the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission requires a Class 3 Wildlife license for foxes. It is an easy license to get, and is reputed to make fox ownership in Florida very popular.

In Indiana, all fox species are allowed with a permit. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources stipulates the foxes must be from the United States. In Kentucky, all fox species are allowed with no permit required. Kentucky allows for any fox species to be domesticated, but pet foxes in Kentucky must be from Kentucky. In Michigan, there are some more stringent regulations. Having a pet fox is referred to as Holding Game in Captivity according to PR1350. The animal must be bred and not wild, and there would be an inspection upon receipt of your permit application.

In Missouri, most fox species are allowed with permit for native species. Missouri is among the pet fox legal states with some requirements. The Missouri Department of Conservation requires a wildlife permit for native species that are considered a Class 1 wildlife. That would include grey and red foxes. The fox must be obtained from within state and maintained outside with an enclosure. In Nebraska some fox species allowed with a permit for native species. Nebraska has looser regulations as one of the pet fox legal states, requiring a Captive Wildlife Permit. Red and grey foxes are allowed and the animals must be bred.

In New York, fennec foxes are allowe with no permit required. Fennec Foxes are allowed in New York after fennec fox owners lobbied with legislators to allow them as exotic pets. Red foxes are not permitted as pets in New York. In North Carolina, exotic foxes are allowed with a vet certificate, no permit required. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission requires a vet certificate if you are bringing in a fox import. The fox itself requires the permit, it is not given to the owner. The laws on this are not clear however. There are still many fox owners in North Carolina that have not had many problems.

In North Dakota, all species are allowed with permit required for native species. In North Dakota, foxes are not natural livestock and require a non-traditional livestock permit. This requires an enclosure and other regulations from the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.In Ohio, all species are allowed with a permit required. Of the states that are pet fox legal states, Ohio offers the freedom to own a fox with a permit for any species. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife titles fox permits as a non-commercial propagating license.

In Oklahoma, all speciies by fennec foxes ar allowed with a permit required. The Oklahoma Administrative Code and Register offers a noncommercial wildlife breeder's license for foxes native to the United States. This applies to all species but the fennec fox. In South Dakota, all species are allowed but a permitis required for all species. South Dakota requires a permit for all species of foxes with a permit. If you are importing the fox, you will need an additional permit. In either case, enclosures will be required and inspected.

In Utah, the red fox is allowed as a pet with no permit required. In Utah, you can own a red fox without a permit. Any other fox species will require a permit. In Tennessee, all species are allowed with a permit erquired for native species. Native foxes that are red and grey foxes are allowed with a permit. The foxes must be purchased from a licensed facility. Wyoming allows grey and swift foxes with a permit. Red foxes are the only class of foxes where a permit is not required.

Pet Fox Legal States 2022

Pet Fox Legal States 2022