Pet Monkey Legal States 2022

What States Can I Have a Pet Monkey?

Monkeys are adorable animals with big personalities. These animals are incredibly intelligent and humorous but need incredibly detailed and specialized care. There are currently 17 states that do not have restrictions surrounding keeping a monkey as a pet. These states include Washington, Nevada, Montana, North Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, Arkansas, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Alabama, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. These states do not have any restrictions related to the number of monkeys kept as pets or monkey species. Legislation related to keeping a monkey as a pet was pending in North and South Carolina and Washington, which would heavily restrict the current laws related to monkeys.

What States Have Pet Monkey Restrictions?

Although some states do not regulate monkeys as pets, some states have restrictions surrounding these animals. While a pet monkey is not outright banned, some rules cover the breed of monkey people are allowed to keep. Arizona, Mississippi, Indiana, and Tennessee have partial restrictions making it illegal to keep an ape as a pet, but not monkeys. In Tennessee, monkeys are allowed except for apes and baboons. Only apes are not permitted in Arizona, and in Indiana, you can have apes, baboons, and monkeys alike but require a special exotic animal permit. In Mississippi, all types of pet monkeys are allowed except macaques, baboons, and apes. Both Florida and Texas have detailed restrictions surrounding certain breeds and monkey species. Before considering a monkey as a pet, it is best to consult your local laws and regulations surrounding pet monkeys.

Where Are Monkeys Banned?

Some states in the United States have outright banned any pet monkey, except for conservation organizations like zoos and rescues. The states that prohibit pet monkeys include California, Connecticut, Colorado, Georgia, Louisiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Utah, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Wyoming.

What Should I Know About Pet Monkeys?

If you live in a state where pet monkeys are legal or restricted with the proper permits, it is essential to understand that monkeys are wild animals, no matter how tame they may seem. It follows that these animals require special care. States that allow monkeys may have detailed wellness checks, lengthy applications, and costly fees and fines required to keep a monkey as a pet legally. Some states also require a minimum age to adopt a monkey or have a designated number of volunteer hours working alongside monkeys to qualify for keeping one as a pet. Other restrictions surround the type of habitat, enclosure, and environment you can provide for your pet monkey with minimal square footage and space required for a healthy and thriving pet monkey.

Pet Monkey Legal States 2022