Pet Sloth Legal States 2022

What States Are Pet Sloths Legal?

Sloths are adorable animals, so it may be tempting to own a sloth as a pet. Before buying a sloth, you'll want to ensure that a pet sloth is legal in your state. Only a handful of states in the US allow owning a pet sloth, and much of the pet sloth legality revolves around particular sloth species. States that allow a pet sloth include Indiana, Kansas, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, Montana, North Carolina, Nevada, Texas, and Oregon. In these states, people are free to own a two-toed pet sloth.

Some other states still allow a pet sloth, but the proper documentation and permits are required. A two-toed sloth is legal in Florida, pending you have the correct license. In South Dakota, you can own a sloth, but you must have a health certificate. Remember that permitting may require volunteer hours, application fees, and routine health inspections to ensure your pet sloth receives the best care and lives in a suitable habitat in your home.

Do Sloths Make Good Pets?

Sloths can make good pets if you have the right environment set up for your sloth to survive. Sloths will learn to adapt to the home and family quickly and can live for up to thirty years. Plus, sloths usually don't smell and are generally pretty clean, especially when compared to a dog. There are some downsides to keeping a sloth as a pet. These are exotic animals, and many states require permitting and licensing. The purchase price will likely be extremely high due to the rarity of the species.

Further, taking care of a pet sloth can be expensive. These animals need a balanced diet to stay healthy. If they become sick, you'll need a specialized veterinarian to care for your pet. Also, care may be challenging to find if you are vacationing or leaving home, as many boarding facilities will not allow these animals.

How Do I Care For a Pet Sloth?

In the wild, sloths enjoy climbing and sitting in high places. Recreating this environment in the home is essential, and often people will dedicate an entire room of their home with tree branches and structures to climb. Keep in mind sloths can be heavy, so you want to ensure their play environment is stable and secure. Sloths also have a specialized diet that includes plenty of insects for protein. Finding food for your sloth can be difficult, and often people will have to work with a local zoo or conservation office to obtain the right food. Lastly, sloths like warm and humid temperatures. You want to be sure you live in the right location, with a suitable climate, to keep your sloth happy.

Pet Sloth Legal States 2022