Pet Squirrel Legal States 2022

Pet Squirrel Legal States

Squirrels are considered exotic animal and many Americans do enjoy keeping them as pets. The pet squirrel states where it is considered legal are as follows:

-Alaska -Arkansas -Connecticut -Georgia -Idaho -Iowa -Illinois -Kansas -Kentucky -Louisiana -Minnesota -Mississippi -Missouri -Nebraska -New Hampshire -New Jersey -New York -North Carolina -Ohio -Pennsylvania -New Mexico -Rhode Island -Tennessee -Texas

There are states where you will need a permit to own a squirrel:

-Arizona -Delaware -Indiana -Florida -Maine -Michigan -Montana -North Dakota -Oklahoma -Oregon -South Carolina -South Dakota -Utah, for northern flying squirrels, all other squirrels you do not need one -West Virginia -Wyoming

The permits are typically obtained from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services department, but you can talk to your local officials if you are having a hard time trying to get one.

States Where Domesticated Squirrels Are Banned

The states where domesticated squirrels are banned are as follows:

-Alabama -California -Colorado -Hawaii -Maryland -Massachusetts -Nevada -Utah -Vermont -Virginia

Owning a Squirrel as a Pet

You can get a squirrel as a pet through a breeder, and this is the easiest way to get a squirrel as a pet. Some people can catch them and domesticate them on their own, but they are not easy animals to catch on your own. Wild squirrels are also very difficult to tame. They just don’t want to be tamed, and it could cause many problems in your home, and for the squirrel.

Purchasing squirrels from breeders will get you a domesticated animal that will be enjoyable to own and take care of, and that will enjoy you as well.

How to Make Your Squirrel Legal

There are a number of ways that you can ensure that the pet you want to own is legal. First, if you are renting, check with your landlord to see if it is okay for you to have a pet. While a squirrel may be legal in your state, you will need to ensure it is permitted in the home.

Local municipalities can also have restrictions on exotic animals, and squirrels are considered to be exotic animals. Check in with your local municipality before you seek a squirrel permit. They may be able to help you to get one, and they may also have additional city or county bylaws that you need to be aware of when you want to ensure your squirrel is legal to own and love.

Pet Squirrel Legal States 2022