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Powerball Winners by State 2023

The Powerball is a lottery game played in 44 states. It is also played in Washington, D.C., the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Powerball was first played beginning in 1992 across 23 states and has paid out millions of dollars to lucky winners ever since.

To win, biweekly drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday night. Five winning numbers plus the Powerball number are drawn. Multiple prizes can be won by matching the numbers on a purchased ticket with the drawn numbers. For example, just matching the red Powerball results in a $4 win. Matching all five numbers plus the Powerball results in a win of the grand prize.

The Powerball jackpot starts at $40 million. If there are no grand prize winners at the time of the drawing, the jackpot continues to grow. This game holds the record for the largest jackpot ever awarded at $1.58 billion.

Winners can choose to receive their money in two ways. The first is through 30 graduated payments over 29 years. If the winner prefers to receive a lump sum, that is also an option, but the winner takes home a smaller amount.

Not all states that play Powerball have had a jackpot winner. Four states plus the U.S. Virgin Islands have not yet had a grand prize winner as of August 2019. The states that have not yet had a winner are Maine, North Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming. On the flip side, some states have had multiple jackpot winners. Indiana has been home to the most Powerball winners. With 39 winners, this represents over 10% of all jackpot winners. Missouri has the second-highest number of winners at 31 – or over 8% of the total winners.

Minnesota is home to nearly 6% of all jackpot winners, with a total of 22. Kentucky and Pennsylvania are tied with the next highest numbers – 18 each. Two states, Louisiana and Wisconsin, have been home to 17 winners apiece.

Here are the 10 states with the most Powerball winners:

  1. Indiana - 39
  2. Missouri - 31
  3. Minnesota - 22
  4. Kentucky - 18
  5. Pennsylvania - 18
  6. Louisiana - 17
  7. Wisconsin - 17
  8. Arizona - 13
  9. Florida - 13
  10. Kansas - 11

Powerball Winners by State 2023

Powerball Winners by State 2023

Powerball Winners by State 2023